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Product News : Intrinsyc Announces Official Release of 64-bit Version of J-Integra® Java-COM Bridging Software
on 2012/12/17 9:23:56 (810 reads)
Product News

Intrinsyc Software International announced that it has released the official 64-bit version of its market leading bi-directional Java-COM bridging software, "J-Integra".

J-Integra is software that provides the critical link between Java & Microsoft applications, and enables data to be exchanged between these disparate systems. J-Integra offers integration between Java software and Microsoft COM components. Using J- Integra, one can access COM components from Java as though they were Java objects, and Java objects from COM as though they were COM components. J- Integra's pure Java-DCOM implementation means that it can be used with any JVM, running on any platform. J-Integra is not dependent on JNI so it eliminates the need for writing low-level JNI or COM Automation code.

The 64-bit release of the widely popular and actively maintained and supported Java-COM bridging software means that it can now operate natively in a 64-bit environment. "This functionality is critical in supporting our current and future customers as they shift to pure 64-bit environments," stated Chris Palmer, Manager, Enterprise Interoperability Solutions.

About Intrinsyc Software International, Inc.

Intrinsyc is a product development company that brings to market next generation intelligent connected devices, from smartphones and tablets, to emerging categories of Machine-to-Machine ("M2M") solutions. Intrinsyc is helping to lead the way to a networked society with 50 billion intelligent connected devices expected by 2020. 

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