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Product News : GitSync for Plastic SCM Integrates With Git and Connects to GitHub
on 2013/3/13 6:36:24 (556 reads)
Product News

Codice Software, which makes agile development tools for small and large teams of gaming, mobile and enterprise software developers, today launched GitSync for Plastic SCM. The new GitSync for Plastic SCM software release integrates with Git repositories and provides the world's first native Windows distributed versioning control system (DVCS) that connects to GitHub, the best place to share code with more than three million users. Software development teams can now benefit from the full power of Plastic SCM's ability to locally push and pull code changes to GitHub, Codeplex, BitBucket or any Git server using native Git network protocols.

Plastic SCM improves agile software development by simplifying branching and merging using a graphical user interface that's intuitive, modern and easy to use. Using the Plastic SCM software, software development teams located in different regions around the world can collaborate, create and manage code development projects. It lets them develop independently or together much more quickly and collaborate seamlessly across platforms, languages and locations.

"We offer the best enterprise-class DVCS product on the market today and its now fully integrated with Git, making it easier for Windows developers to use an intuitive DVCS that connects with Git repositories wherever they are located, both locally or in the cloud," said Francisco Monteverde, CEO of Codice Software. "GitSync for Plastic SCM is not just providing synchronization. It now speaks the Git protocol natively. We didn't create an intermediate script to convert changes from one system to the other because it would create too many limitations. We implemented the Git network protocols in Plastic SCM so it can directly pull and push to Git. This is huge for Windows developers who use any Git-based online repository, and want to get a much stronger GUI environment that is easy and familiar to use."

Plastic SCM is the most advanced, enterprise-grade DVCS on the market. Now with the new GitSync release, it's fully integrated with Git so it provides first-of-its-kind functionality for Windows developers. This bi-directional integration with Git enables Plastic SCM to directly solve concurrent conflicts and push and pull changes to a Git repository. Developers working on Git projects can also take advantage of all Plastic SCM's robust set of tools for merging and branching in a visual development environment.

Here are the key features of GitSync for Plastic SCM:
* Support for native Git protocols: GitSync supports https:// and git:// protocols for both pushing and pulling change sets. There is no need for intermediate translations.
* Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI): Git developers on Windows can now benefit from GitSync for Plastic SCM, the world's most advanced enterprise-class DVCS, specifically designed for Windows developers, with a superior GUI and full cooperation for all Git projects.
* Visual Studio integration: Plastic SCM provides a full-featured integration with Visual Studio, enabling all the platform's robust features within an integrated development environment (IDE).
* Branching and merging: Since Plastic SCM is a full DVCS, like Git, it can clone a Git repository and later push changes to it. Developers can create branches and push them to Git, or create branches on Git and pull them in. GitSync does not restrict software coding to a single branch.
* Handling concurrent conflicts: Developers can work on the same branch on the two systems and reconcile changes, just as they would when using a pure Plastic SCM environment or a pure Git one. There are no restrictions; GitSync is not an adapter or an intermediate scripting layer.

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