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Product News : TIBCO Spotfire Offers In-Database Processing for Agile Business Teams & IT
on 2013/3/18 6:19:15 (688 reads)
Product News

TIBCO Software announced the latest version of its data discovery and visualization platform, TIBCO Spotfire® 5.5, which dramatically increases the value of existing corporate data assets. With Spotfire® 5.5, enterprises not only maximize corporate investment through a unified approach to simultaneously work with data in-memory and directly query a wide variety of data systems and engines, but users now have the best of both worlds: self-service analytics plus central data access management. Spotfire 5.5 also integrates with Teradata Aster, TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer® and TIBCO BusinessEvents™, giving users the ability to use predictive analytics for real-time events and big data insights. And finally but significantly, Spotfire 5.5 offers a new set of visualization and analysis capabilities to manage the business by exception, and deliver fast, powerful and contextual insights to business users.

"Competition, productivity and innovation all depend on how enterprises make important information immediately available to knowledge professionals, yet companies must simultaneously control access to sensitive data. The Spotfire enterprise-class data discovery platform recognizes that data is a corporate asset which needs to be secured, while at the same time, providing instant self-service analytics to support the competitive, agile organization," said Lou Jordano head of worldwide product marketing for TIBCO.

Expansive, Flexible, Managed Data Access

In today's information-centric business climate, integrating and taking advantage of information in all corporate data sources is critical to corporate productivity, revenue growth, cost cutting and risk reduction. With Spotfire 5.5, enterprise users are now able to leverage the analytic processing power of virtually any corporate data source, warehouse, or big data engine and take it to the next level of analytics by post processing the results in Spotfire's proprietary high performance in-memory engine.

Spotfire 5.5 now opens up over 30 data sources to this new hybrid approach. Analytic data warehouses, data bases, No-SQL sources, web services and applications are all accessible through a common layer with complete flexibility. Now users can mash together data from all these sources, whether data is in-memory or in-database, to perform comprehensive analysis like never before. Spotfire 5.5's hybrid approach enables enterprises to centrally control data access and models, while still providing immediate self-service analytics to business users across the organization. Now enterprise users have the ability to manage access to all data sources, no matter whether they are conducting in-memory analysis, in-database analysis, or both.

Quick, Powerful, Contextual Visual Analysis

Spotfire 5.5 offers many new visualization and analysis enhancements that compress time to insight, deliver powerful yet easy analytics and enhance visual context.

Most significantly, a new analysis concept to "visually manage by exception" automatically puts forward the KPIs, signals, and data that matters most and needs action. With Spotfire 5.5 dashboards, analytic applications and data discovery, users can immediately find the exceptions in the business through dynamic rule-based filters and visualization.

Quick business calculations like year-over-year and cumulative sum are easily available. The software easily joins multiple data sets right in the visualizations with drag-and-drop, comparing subsets of data directly in the same visualization without having to regroup the data. A number of ease of use capabilities, like a full featured expression editor, a new welcome page, and more visual depth, are included in this release; all making it faster to find actionable insights.

Real-Time & Big Data Predictive Analytics

Spotfire 5.5 provides functionality to quickly and easily extract insights out of the noise of big data by leveraging Teradata Aster to do in-database predictive analytics. This capability adds Teradata Aster to Spotfire's existing statistics ecosystem.

Through integration with TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer and TIBCO BusinessEvents, Spotfire 5.5 predictive analytics also enables enterprises to scale TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R modeling to massively-parallel, real-time applications, such as fraud detection or in-store offers.

"Bringing together Spotfire and Teradata Aster for in-database, big-data predictive analytics means the important business variables, such as web site or store visits, can be changed without code modification, and that sophisticated analytic processes are completed in one pass," said Mayank Bawa, co-president Teradata Aster. "By integrating Teradata Aster into Spotfire 5.5, we are making the advanced analytics power of SQL-MapReduce Discovery Portfolio available to non-statistical business users through Spotfire analytic applications."

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