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Product News : Typemock Introduces Isolator V7.3
on 2013/3/21 10:01:58 (626 reads)
Product News

Typemock has announced the launch of Typemock Isolator V7.3 for .NET developers. Isolator V7.3 is faster and stronger with enhanced mocking capabilities, a much smaller memory footprint and the broadest abilities to integrate with other IDE tools available for .NET. The new Typemock Isolator improves on Isolator's legacy code testing, making it possible to test even the most hard-to-test code, (all this without the need to change the production code).

Software bugs lead to code vulnerabilities, longer time to market and high hidden costs. Unit testing is a proven method to lower these vulnerabilities and Typemock Isolator unit testing solution has been proven to help identify and prevent bugs in the coding stage, saving time and money, by allowing developers to quickly and methodically test their code, including legacy code, and safely introduce changes to it.

Typemock Isolator V7.3 new and improved SmartRunner is a new paradigm of test runners, offering programmers the most prominent benefit to date: automation of previously-manual test sorting tasks. So no more manual sorting for you! Typemock SmartRunner will automatically sort tests for you into impacted tests and integration tests, based on test duration, running quicker tests first – so you get the feedback you need quickly. This is in addition to dozens of new improvements.

Typemock Isolator V7.3 continues to be the most powerful mocking framework for .NET, integrating with all major .NET developer tools. It is the only solution that enables programmers to spend less time on unit testing maintenance, minimizing redundant work with low maintenance robust test. Typemock Isolator is also the only high-precision framework that gives programmers full control on mocking constructors, even in future instances, and the power to fake static constructors.

“We are very excited to provide our customers with a stronger and faster unit testing solution that allows them to develop quality software, by simplifying unit testing efforts” said Eli Lopian, CEO of Typemock. “We are developers ourselves, so we understand that demanding deadlines and rapid market changes stretch R&D teams thin and place tremendous pressure on programmers. This is why we aim to make Isolator the easiest unit testing solution available. Typemock Isolator V7.3 makes unit testing even easier than before, which in turn contributes to more productive development processes, leading to faster time to market and happier customers”.

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