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Product News : WebLoadUI Pro by SmartBear Makes Large-Scale Web Load Testing Affordable and Simple
on 2013/5/1 10:20:53 (636 reads)
Product News

SmartBear Software is redefining large-scale Web optimization with WebLoadUI Pro, its new, affordable Web performance testing tool. This new commercial version, released a few weeks after strong interest in the free WebLoadUI tool, addresses the needs of enterprise and large website teams with advanced capabilities and support at an affordable cost.

“WebLoadUI Pro marks the completion of an ambitious project to establish a freeware model for Web load testing with the same product structure as the very successful LoadUI for API load testing,” said Niclas Reimertz, Managing Director, SmartBear. “This new Pro version enables our million plus open source community to utilize the same delivery model as they are accustomed to with SoapUI and LoadUI. WebLoadUI Pro offers a strong incentive for Web teams of all sizes to easily load test their websites and services without having to worry about resources, training or budgets. The easy migration and strong continuity of features allow teams to upgrade when they need to as their websites expand.”

While WebLoadUI appeals to a large cross-section of performance engineers, enabling easy set up and affordable performance testing, the Pro version includes features and capabilities that are essential for larger organizations, popular websites with worldwide audiences and Web teams that need to optimize performance. Best of all, the Pro version meets the needs of enterprises without breaking the bank, following SmartBear’s commitment to provide affordable, high-quality tools to the growing devops community.

WebLoadUI Pro offers all the convenience, simplicity and intuitiveness of the free WebLoadUI. Load testers using the Pro version can generate up to 20,000 virtual users; distribute loads across geographic regions and get region-specific performance metrics; support performance diagnostics via server monitoring; and improve productivity through automation and context-sensitive UI wizards.

WebLoadUI Pro is part of SmartBear’s commitment to driving software quality. It joins the company’s performance-oriented product family that also includes AQTime for application profiling, LoadUI for API load testing, and AlertSite and API Monitoring for performance monitoring.

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