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Product News : DreamFactory Simplifies Mobile Apps Development
on 2013/5/1 10:32:25 (725 reads)
Product News

DreamFactory Software is aiming to reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy mobile applications for the enterprise with the launch of the DreamFactory Services Platform. This standards-based, open-source mobile architecture enables developers to connect HTML5 and native applications to a wide array of web services including SQL Data, BLOB Storage, User Management, App Hosting, and External Integration. The DreamFactory Services Platform lets them focus their efforts on design and user experience, and spend much less time on back-end integration.

In keeping with the prevailing industry trend toward cloud computing, the DreamFactory Services Platform is specifically optimized for installation on existing data centers and cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

"The client-service architecture is the best choice for low-bandwidth and high-performance mobile applications written in HTML5 or native technologies," said Bill Appleton , co-founder and CEO of DreamFactory. "But hosting mobile applications on your own cloud or data center often requires lots of server-side software development. Drawing on ten years' experience with this design pattern, we have created the ultimate service platform for mobile enterprise applications. Our value proposition is substantial: software development costs, network bandwidth, application security, cloud hosting bills, time to market, and user experience are all improved with the DreamFactory Services Platform."

Developers who were provided early access to the platform say that it addresses a crucial gap in the current line-up of technologies used to develop mobile enterprise apps. Modus Create, an HTML5 development and training agency based in Reston, Virginia, used the DreamFactory Services Platform to provide the back end for a new Corporate Address Book application that taps into private, cloud-based information. In just a few weeks, a single engineer built the app, which was written in HTML5, and runs on phone, tablet, and desktop devices.

"We were able to rapidly build tablet and phone apps on this platform. Our focus is on delivering an exceptional user interface and experience, so the pre-built server-side connections DreamFactory provides really help us get new applications to market faster," said Patrick Sheridan , founder of Modus Create.

"One of the most exciting aspects of this new mobile architecture is that once business logic and application graphics are moved to the client, the server-side software environment becomes much less complex," added Appleton. "Essentially, the service platform becomes a standards-based way to expose all of the various cloud assets required for application development. This architecture opens the way for the entire server-side stack to become a standardized commodity capable of supporting a very wide variety of mobile application development scenarios."

DreamFactory supports the latest trends in enterprise mobility—native, HTML5, and cloud

DreamFactory offers all of the services and capabilities developers need to build secure, modern client-service applications for the desktop, tablet, or phone. All services are accessed through a REST interface that supports both JSON and XML documents. The document exchange interface minimizes network traffic, mitigates intermittent connections, and provides support for HTML5 applications and native client technologies like Android, BlackBerry and iOS. The key features of the DreamFactory Services Platform include:

* Admin Console . Each DreamFactory Service Platform (DSP) comes with a built-in Admin Console written in HTML5 that helps system administrators build applications for end users, manage users and roles, create SQL schema, and connect to external services.
* App Hosting. A DSP can host any number of applications that share access to the service architecture and various data objects. Each application is a mini website from which developers can quickly upload and manage various files and folders.
* User Management. The DSP takes care of user management, single sign-on, password hashing, and user roles. Developers can control which users get which applications, and which applications have access to various data objects and services.
* SQL Services. The DSP includes a comprehensive and secure connection to a dedicated SQL database. It offers services for Create, Read, Update and Delete, as well as complex filtering and a complete suite of metadata services.
* BLOB Storage. The DSP provides interfaces to all of the major BLOB storage systems including S3 and Azure BLOB. The master credentials to each service are hidden by the platform and users are granted access through single sign-on.
* External Integration. The DSP can provision any number of integration points for external services such as email, NoSQL data, and BLOB storage. These services hide master credentials on the platform and can be administered by user role.


The DreamFactory Services Platform is available now as an open-source license from

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