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Product News : JFrog Launches Artifactory 3.0
on 2013/5/13 7:46:34 (1106 reads)
Product News

JFrog, the company that's revolutionizing the way development software is built and distributed across the web, today announced the availability of Artifactory 3.0, the next generation of its flagship technology that significantly speeds software build and distribution 10X faster than any other tool in this domain. Four years in the making, this increase in speed delivers substantial business benefits -- especially in businesses that need a high-availability binaries repository and have global, around-the-clock development teams.

JFrog has more than one million users worldwide and several brand-name customers like LinkedIn, Netflix, Twitter, Oracle, EMC2, Apple and VMware on its platform. In a two week soft launch, Artifactory 3.0 was downloaded more than 5,000 times. That's not surprising, considering that in 2012 Artifactory had more than 120,000 downloads and was installed across more than 15,000 open source servers.

Frog Features

Artifactory 3.0 boasts a new storage mechanism capable of easily handling thousands of artifact requests per second and terabytes of data. Through Continuous Integration flow that makes coding processes faster and easier, developers now have several new, powerful features built for high scale performance including:
* Super-fast artifact searches with lightweight indexing
* Speedier view and faster workflow management of build artifacts from staging to production
* Much lower requirements for disk space, CPU and memory
* More reliable auto-cleanup process for unused artifacts
* Enhanced Integration with ecosystem tools for better release management, CI and CD flow
* State-of-the art user experience, designed to make it easy for developers to create, share and manage content, and effectively collaborate within their ecosystem

"Thanks to the valuable feedback from our community, customers and users, we've worked to build a bulletproof version of Artifactory that's capable of serving huge amounts of binaries data. Our development team has been hard at work improving the storage mechanism and developing new features and enhancements in response to the evolving software market requests," said Fred Simon, Chief Architect and Co-founder at JFrog. "Software development is a complicated world where even the slightest mistake can slow down a project or build for days at a time. With no answer to the industry's headache and with builds only growing larger and more in-depth, developers need an easy solution to address the pain. Artifactory 3.0 empowers development and DevOps teams with the ability to build complicated Continuous Integration processes faster and more reliable than ever before."

The Pond Grows

The launch of Artifactory 3.0 comes on the heels of the announcement of JFrog's Bintray platform -- the free, social based SaaS platform that helps developers share, manage and distribute nearly 60,000 software packages to-date. Together, Artifactory 3.0 and Bintray provide the development communities with an ecosystem of resources that significantly streamline and improve software development and distribution. The technology tightly integrates with Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Gradle, Maven, Ivy, Nuget and many other widely used development tools. Combined with a recent partnership with Black Duck Software, Artifactory helps developers decide on the best component choice during the open source selection process. The broader integrated solution provides governance for both open source and proprietary binaries, and supports all programming languages to scale beyond language-specific repository management approaches to meet the needs of global, distributed enterprises.

"For four years, JFrog's Artifactory has been the go-to for hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide. Today's announcement is exciting because software development teams large and small can rely on Artifactory 3.0 for an even faster and easier development process," said Yoav Landman, CTO and Co. founder at JFrog. "This next generation technology reflects JFrog's vision, values, and direction as a company -- changing the way software is built and distributed while delivering a great developer experience for creating and running full software distribution flow. We are proud to reaffirm Artifactory's leadership position in the market."

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