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Product News : NuoDB Release 1.1 Delivers Powerful New Enhancements for Microsoft .NET and Azure
on 2013/5/13 7:48:33 (657 reads)
Product News

NuoDB, Inc., the pioneer in Cloud Data Management Systems (CDMS), announced the immediate availability of the NuoDB Starlings Release 1.1.

Based on customer feedback, the new release delivers user benefits in the following areas:
* Microsoft enhancements - Developers can now build and deploy elastically scalable, high performance .NET applications for their on-premise and cloud environments using standard Microsoft tools and frameworks.
* Performance and productivity enhancements - Users on all platforms will experience 33% increase in scale-out performance and 20% - 50% improvement in heavy workloads.
* User experience improvements - Developers will experience enhanced productivity gains via the integrated DevCenter and NuoDB Console for faster access to relevant technical resources. There are also major improvements in database browsing and interactive query capabilities.

In addition, the NuoDB Starlings Release 1.1 delivers an advanced architecture for performing real-time operational analytics. Users can use a single database for variable workloads that involves OLTP and real-time operational analytics. With NuoDB, users no longer have to pull data out of their existing OLTP system into a separate database for real-time operational analytics.

This latest release is available for free download via the following link:

What's New in Release 1.1


Microsoft Enhancements
* 64 bit support for Windows Server, Windows 7 and 8 for high performance
* Full support for Visual Studio 2012, LINQ and Entity Framework for a more integrated developer experience
* .NET driver to avoid the common scalability and performance issues associated with traditional databases
* Azure compatibility for running/deploying NuoDB easily in the cloud.

Productivity & Performance Improvements
* 33% increase in scale-out performance
* 20%-50% improvement for heavy workloads
* Built-in schema browsing and querying for Integrated SQL development
* Database demand-simulation tools, including an example eCommerce schema and configurable load scenarios for improved provisioning of both predictable and unpredictable web traffic.

Improved User Experience
* New NuoDB DevCenter - a central, easy to use location for all NuoDB developer resources, now integrated with the NuoDB Console for faster access
* SQL Explorer fully integrated into the NuoDB Console for browsing, creating, dropping and altering database tables without ever leaving the browser.

About NuoDB

NuoDB, Inc., is a Cambridge, MA-based technology leader that provides the industry's patented, elastically scalable Cloud Data Management System (CDMS). Unlike every other database, NuoDB is architected to scale out effortlessly on the cloud without compromising any of the features or guarantees of relational databases.

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