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Product News : Engine Yard Announces General Availability of PHP on Engine Yard Cloud and Support for Riak Distributed Database
on 2013/5/15 6:58:25 (621 reads)
Product News

Engine Yard, the leading Platform as a Service (PaaS), today announced general availability of PHP on Engine Yard Cloud. Building on its commitment to transform cloud application development, Engine Yard offers increased levels of choice, control and management to PHP developers and DevOps professionals. Engine Yard also introduced support for Riak, the distributed, highly available database from Basho. Both of these announcements coincide with reductions in Engine Yard pricing that make it even easier to get started and scale applications.

"As a strong advocate of open source technology, and with our acquisition of Orchestra in 2011, PHP has been a key part of our vision for a flexible application cloud, which is now a reality with our release of PHP on Engine Yard Cloud," said Bill Platt, senior vice president of operations at Engine Yard. "PHP developers will benefit from our leading commercial grade platform and world class support services, while taking advantage of the new innovative technologies that continue to be rolled into Engine Yard Cloud."

Offering More Choice and Control -- PHP on Engine Yard Cloud Announced at PHP[tek]
With PHP on Engine Yard Cloud, users get a proven, robust platform on which they can both horizontally and vertically scale applications -- including content, media and e-commerce websites. As a highly configurable PaaS, Engine Yard Cloud gives PHP developers -- from enterprises to digital agencies to SMBs -- a wider range of instance sizes, a fully curated PHP stack, and advanced automation and orchestration features such as database replication and failover. Whether deploying a simple Wordpress blog or an advanced MySQL-backed web application, developers get a range of control over configuration, deployment and management of their application environments, including full root access on virtual servers and the flexibility of using custom Chef recipes to control and automate entire environments, regardless of size.

"Choosing PHP on Engine Yard Cloud, we have even more flexibility in languages and components to develop apps that scale from concept to production and meet our clients' varying needs," said Joshua Forstot, vice president, creative technologist and director of integrated production at Wunderman. "With Engine Yard behind us from a technical and support perspective, we have the confidence to explore new ideas and push the envelope for our clients."

Highly Scalable Distributed Database -- Riak Support Introduced at RICON-East
With new support for Riak on Engine Yard Cloud, developers and IT professionals can take advantage of an open source NoSQL datastore that's highly scalable, fault-tolerant and well-suited to distributed cloud environments. Riak clusters are masterless, so they have no single point of failure, making them ideal for applications that require high availability. Riak can be used to store session data, ranking data, large quantities of rich media or unstructured data, as well as for managing user data for social and gaming networks.

Delivering Greater Value with Price Reductions
In addition to offering more choice for its cloud platform users, Engine Yard also is delivering greater value with significant price reductions for Engine Yard Cloud. For its smallest instance size, Engine Yard is offering a new promotional price of $0.05 per hour, in all regions, which is 50 percent off the former entry price point. Some of the most aggressive cost reductions are for the largest instance sizes, which are popular for demanding commercial grade applications. Customers will continue to have complete access to all features of Engine Yard Cloud along with standard support. See our latest cloud pricing.

About Engine Yard


Engine Yard is the leading Platform as a Service empowering developers to plan, build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud. Providing unmatched control and choice, Engine Yard delivers a trusted, complete application cloud and expert developer support that enables organizations to focus on creating great applications, instead of managing their platform. Thousands of customers in 58 countries, from explosive-growth Web startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, run on Engine Yard. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Engine Yard is backed by Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Oracle and Amazon.

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