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Product News : QSM Unveils Latest Update to Global Software Project Database
on 2013/5/21 10:00:43 (478 reads)
Product News

Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM), a leader in software process improvement and estimation, today announced an update to the QSM Project Database. Now in its 8th edition, the database includes more than 10,000 completed real-time, engineering and IT projects from 19 different industry sectors.

QSM utilizes this project intelligence as a foundation for analyzing long-term productivity and quality trends and includes the latest benchmark data in their Software Lifecycle Management (SLIM) Suite of measurement and estimation products. Leveraging the database ensures that the SLIM Suite of tools is providing QSM customers with the best intelligence to identify and mitigate risk and efficiently estimate project scope, leading to projects that are delivered on-time and on-budget. In addition, the database supports their benchmarking services, allowing QSM clients to quickly see how they compare with the latest industry trends.

"Project intelligence is only as valuable as the data that powers it," said Larry Putnam, Jr., Co-CEO for QSM. "Therefore, it's essential that we update our database frequently and accurately with the latest information. No one else in this industry takes such pains to ensure the breadth, depth, and quality of its data."

The QSM Project Database is updated frequently, screening an average of 1,800 new completed projects per update. Over 600 programming languages are represented in the database. After thorough validation and review, QSM accepts data for approximately two-thirds of those projects. Projects are carefully screened, and only "medium" or "high" confidence projects are used in QSM's industry trend lines. Though the QSM metric set focuses on the SEI core metrics (size, time, effort and number of defects), clients can record and analyze more than 300 other quantitative and qualitative measures.

About Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM)

Founded in 1978 by one of the pioneers of software measurement, Larry Putnam, Sr., QSM offers estimation and consulting products and services that enable federal and commercial clients to estimate, track and benchmark their projects. QSM tools and methods help software and systems analysts negotiate achievable goals, set realistic expectations, and communicate more effectively with management and customers. QSM offers the SLIM (Software Lifecycle Management) Suite of tools, which contains metrics from a worldwide database of more than 10,000 completed projects, enabling productivity benchmarking on the desktop.

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