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Product News : Atlassian Unveils JIRA 6: Newly Designed for Speed and Productivity
on 2013/5/22 1:18:22 (645 reads)
Product News

Atlassian, a provider of enterprise collaboration software for product development teams, has unveiled the latest version of JIRA, its project and issue management software used by more than 19,000 companies worldwide. Wrapped in a brand new, modern user interface, JIRA 6 features faster navigation and editing, simplified workflow creation and powerful mobile functionality so teams building software can get more done with less effort.

“We built JIRA 6 to make every software development team more productive - by spending less time managing issues and more time developing," said Bryan Rollins, group product manager, JIRA Product Family. "With JIRA, teams can work faster and be more effective. Internally, we've cut the time it takes to run our triage meetings by two-thirds. Our development teams are happier with more time to do what they do best - build great software.”

JIRA sits at the center of the software development process, connecting teams with development tasks such as bug tracking, feature creation, agile planning, and activity monitoring. As a result of JIRA’s flexibility and powerful project management capabilities, nearly two-thirds of teams also use the platform for something other than software development (according to a recent Atlassian survey). Today, JIRA is used by more than 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Teams of all sizes, in companies ranging from start-ups to enterprises, use JIRA to easily capture and organize issues, prioritize tasks, take action and stay up-to-date with team activity.

“JIRA strikes a great balance between simplicity, flexibility, and extensive reporting,” said Nick Good, head of technology efficiency and field teams, Virgin Media. “JIRA helped us break down large, complex problems into smaller ones, enabling us to quantify why each issue needed to be resolved and how best to prioritize. This led to huge savings in time and money."

A More Efficient JIRA for More Productive Teams

JIRA is optimized for faster end-user response time, so teams can be more productive. Key benefits of the new release include:
* A new, modern user interface (UI) redesigned for visual appeal and speed. The UI improvements focus on JIRA's most widely-used features and functions, so team members can create, edit and work through lists of issues more efficiently and easily. JIRA incorporates Atlassian's new intuitive, design-centric approach to user experience that has been deployed across Atlassian's product portfolio, including Atlassian Confluence, a best-in-class social and team collaboration platform, and Atlassian Stash, a leading enterprise Git-based code repository management system.
* Enhanced navigation and editing capabilities to speed use in common scenarios. A new Detail View introduces split screens to easily edit issues without jumping between pages, and a new navigation bar provides quick access to the issues and applications teams need most. Whether triaging a list of issues, planning a sprint, or handling basic tasks, users can quickly optimize JIRA to work in a mode where all important details and information are readily available.
* Simple project creation out of the box so teams can get started in just a few clicks with scrum, kanban, or another favorite flavor of agile. In addition, more than 20 best-practice pre-configured workflows that match an industry or approach are available on the Atlassian Marketplace, a one-stop shop for add-ons to Atlassian products.
* A new mobile interface designed from the ground up to give modern teams quick access to critical information and important activities, anywhere. On-the-go users can easily make quick comments, prioritize or assign issues, use @mentions to bring team members into a discussion, and participate in the full comment threads.

“With JIRA, I spend less time tracking my projects, and more time working and pursuing my passions,” says technical project manager Astrid Byro. She recently used JIRA to remotely oversee her team of software developers while hiking in the Himalayas. “The beauty of JIRA is that I can quickly set up workflows before setting out on a trip, and then edit issues and do our stand-up meetings from camp using my Kindle Fire. It was amazing. I had an adventure, and my team came in on budget and ahead of schedule.”

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