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Product News : Green Hills Software Expands GUI Builder Support for INTEGRITY RTOS With Altia
on 2013/6/5 9:35:56 (550 reads)
Product News

Green Hills Software, the largest independent vendor of embedded software solutions, and Altia Incorporated, a leading provider of user interface design and development tools, today announced the availability of the latest release of Altia's graphical user interface development suite -- Altia Design and DeepScreen code generator -- for the Green Hills safe and secure INTEGRITY® real-time operating system and the INTEGRITY Multivisor™ virtualization platform.

This combination allows customers to quickly and successfully implement and market products with sophisticated graphical user interfaces (GUIs) with the ability to execute on an operating system platform that delivers deployment-proven system reliability and availability. This solution targets customers in the automotive, industrial, home automation, medical, consumer electronics and defense industries.

Driven by the demand of automotive OEMs and Tier 1s, the availability of Altia's GUI design tools for the INTEGRITY RTOS not only expands the HMI design capabilities for graphical cluster developers, it also enables the ability to safely and reliably consolidate real-time graphical clusters with Linux or Android-based head units on a single automotive applications processor by guaranteeing the separation and isolation between the head unit and cluster when utilizing Green Hills Software's safe and secure virtualization solution -- INTEGRITY Multivisor.

"Altia has seen rapid growth and adoption of Green Hills Software solutions across a wide range of market segments due to its unique ability to address increased system complexity, ultimate reliability, maximum performance and comprehensive security," said Jason Williamson, vice president, marketing, Altia. "Through our integration with the Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS, our customers can deploy the most sophisticated GUI-based products in the fastest time-to-market without compromising on any aspects of the design or the critical aspects of this function."

Altia's user interface development tool chain allows developers to build user interface models from scratch or import artists' assets from industry-standard design programs like Adobe® Photoshop® and Microsoft® Visio® to create a completely custom graphical user interface. The Altia GUI can be connected to a variety of simulation tools or to C-code to create a complex, user-driven model. This model can be used for management reviews and user testing, thus eliminating the need for costly hardware mock-ups. Once validated and approved, Altia customers generate graphics code for their Altia model using Altia DeepScreen. The graphics code generated by DeepScreen can be deployed directly to production hardware.

Green Hills Software's flagship run-time offering is the INTEGRITY RTOS. The success of INTEGRITY RTOS is due to its advanced separation kernel architecture, incorporating memory protection, guaranteed resource availability, fast boot and deterministic real-time response. INTEGRITY technology is independently certified to numerous safety and security standards in the industrial safety market: the highest level for industrial safety certification (IEC 16508 SIL 3), and the highest level of security certification (Common Criteria - ISO/IEC 15408), railway safety (EN 50128 SWSIL 4), medical (FDA Class III), avionics (DO-178B Level A), and EAL 6+, High Robustness, the highest Common Criteria security level ever achieved for any software product.

"Green Hills is pleased to see the availability of Altia Design and DeepScreen for its INTEGRITY real-time operating system," said Dan Mender, vice president, business development, Green Hills Software. "Now design engineers are empowered to develop sophisticated GUIs that are optimized for our software platform and will run with the highest level of reliability and availability."

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