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Product News : LiveRebel Extends Failsafe Release Automation to .NET
on 2013/6/6 6:15:38 (569 reads)
Product News

ZeroTurnaround announced today the availability of LiveRebel 2.7, its free-to-download solution for application release automation that helps software teams get apps to users quickly and safely.

LiveRebel 2.7 brings this capability to the world of .NET. Now software teams that develop and deploy applications built using the .NET platform can package up releases - code, database and configuration changes - and deploy them in minutes, with no downtime or user interruption. Furthermore, by phasing the rollout, LiveRebel can fully test applications in a real production environments and rollback failures before end users are impacted.

“Releasing application updates quickly and frequently is a requirement today with rapidly changing business and user needs,” said Jevgeni Kabanov, Founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround. “However, software teams are most concerned about whether they’d lose control and break production environments by doing so, and impact their users. With LiveRebel they’re able to release as quickly and often as they’d like, while continuing to thoroughly test each release. On failure, LiveRebel automatically rolls back all changes.”

Releasing .NET applications currently requires the use of visual tools like Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, and multiple mouse clicks to deploy onto the Internet Information Services (IIS). Some teams use Continuous Integration (CI) servers such as Jenkins, CruiseControl or TeamCity and deploy using command-line tools like msdeploy, appcmd and scp. However, since the releases happen either by executing scripts or by copying application files over, there is no reliable way to keep track of which app version is deployed in which environment. Furthermore, updating apps interrupts end users and it takes time to recover from any deployment failures.

LiveRebel helps software teams rollout releases rapidly and safely, without compromising on process, control or user experience. With LiveRebel they can:
* Test, audit and rollout app updates safely, with no downtime or user interruption
* Track which version of their app is running in each environment
* Monitor apps and servers for health in real-time after the app is deployed

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