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Product News : Perforce Introduces Swarm Code Collaboration Platform
on 2013/6/13 10:31:23 (663 reads)
Product News

Perforce Software has announced Perforce Swarm, a powerful code collaboration and peer review platform that enables development teams to work together better and faster, improving both the quality of their software and the speed of their delivery. Using Swarm, distributed development teams can improve their Agile practices, share creative ideas about their projects and get early feedback from continuous integration and deployment of their code.

“By bringing together all the information developers need to deliver quality code and providing it in an interface that doesn’t get in their way, Swarm helps teams work in tighter loops to match the pace of today’s faster release cadences.”
“In our business, if you're not updating your products constantly you're quickly left behind,” said Marc Desfosses, lead tools programmer at Ubisoft. “We work with dozens of different studios to deliver AAA games such as Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 3. Swarm is the key to rapid multi-site collaboration. It lets programmers chime in on each other’s code immediately, get the feedback they need when they need it and even review code side-by-side. We've been hoping for a tool like this for a long time.”

Whether it’s for a gaming studio or a global bank, release cycles are getting shorter. What used to be released every 12 or 24 months may now be delivered on the hour. To get to Continuous Delivery, development teams need to speed up their processes while ensuring high-quality code is provided into build, test and release tools and, ultimately, production servers. While code review has been applied in some organizations with success, until now the available tools have not offered both a great social experience and tight integration with an enterprise-class versioning system that supports distributed teams.

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