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Product News : Visual Paradigm for UML 10.2 Released
on 2013/6/19 22:39:47 (841 reads)
Product News

Visual Paradigm International Limited announced today the release of Visual Paradigm for UML 10.2 (VP-UML 10.2).

VP-UML 10.2 introduces a number of new features, which includes:
* SoaML Modeling
* Teamwork in the cloud, from anywhere, with VPository
* Compare diagrams with an old revision
* Compare model properties with an old revision
* Get specific change from specific revision

Enhancements to VP-UML 10.2 includes:
* Supported showing port multiplicity on component and some other types
* Supported generating ERD sample data in report generation
* Supported SVG image in HTML report
* Supported generating ERD sample data in project publisher
* Improved report template to support filtering element by tagged values and reference
* Supported custom ordering in Diagram Navigator
* Supported custom ordering of sub-diagrams in Model Explorer
* Supported multiple shape and connector selection when posting a topic in PostMania
* Supported aligning captions for some UI shapes
* Supported retrieving constraints information for Instant Generator
* Supported 'other form' property (column) in glossary grid
* Supported role and system in EPC diagram
* Supported 'Derived' association and association end
* Supported 'subsets' of association end
* Supported association end owned by class
* Keep sub-process collapsed when come back from newly created sub-process diagram
* Supported pulling project content from referenced project to current project in refactoring
* Improved plugin support
* Supported full screen mode on Mac

Visual Paradigm for UML

Visual Paradigm for the Unified Modeling Language (VP-UML) is a UML tool. The tool is designed for a wide range of users including software engineers, system analysts, business analysts and system architects, or for anyone who is interested in reliably building large-scale software systems using an object-oriented approach. In addition, VP-UML supports the latest standards of UML notation.

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