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Product News : Assembla Is the First Cloud-Hosted Repository Provider to Offer Server-Side Hooks for Subversion and Git
on 2013/7/2 3:08:27 (568 reads)
Product News

Assembla announced the release of a new feature that allows for unprecedented control over repositories and source code management. Assembla’s new server-side hook library gives developers and system administrators capabilities never before available in a cloud-hosted service.

Server-side hooks are scripts that run both before and after content is pushed to the server. For example, if the "min length" server-side hook is installed, a user can set a minimum required length for the commit message. If code is committed without a commit message of a certain minimum length, the code is rejected and not committed. This ensures commit messages are properly formatted. The benefits of server-side hooks extend to any tasks requiring automation that relies on external web hooks, including checking code for syntax. In short, it makes it easy to manage multiple contributions from a distributed team to a single repository and prevents commits that do not comply with coding standards.

"In addition to providing a library of server-side hooks, Assembla allows users to contribute their own hooks. If a hook is approved, we will make them available for everyone to use," said Michael Chletsos. To kick off community involvement, Assembla is running a contest where users can submit their own hooks and win prizes for doing so. Learn more about the server-side hooks contest.

Server-side hooks are currently available in Assembla’s Subversion and Git code repositories.


About Assembla


Assembla provides collaborative task and code management tools and services to accelerate cloud-based Agile development. Its mission is to build software faster with less stress. Over 800,000 people in more than 100 countries trust Assembla with their development projects. 

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