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Product News : SOASTA Announces Free TouchTest Lite
on 2013/8/23 8:31:57 (599 reads)
Product News

SOASTA has announced TouchTest Lite, a fully cloud-hosted free version that enables users to start testing mobile apps in as little as five minutes.  Delivering mobile functional test automation with precision capture and playback of all gestures on touch-based mobile devices, TouchTest Lite is an industry game changer.  New features in TouchTest provide mobile developers and testers with additional control, management and continuous testing capabilities for native, hybrid and mobile web apps while improving collaboration and access to diverse teams. New partnerships and integrations expand the reach and speed of mobile testing with popular commercial and open source tools.

“In a market with different operating systems, and multiple form factors, it is imperative for development organizations to automate the testing of their mobile applications to ensure their users have a great experience every time,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO.  “With TouchTest, testing mobile applications has never been faster or easier, so we are making TouchTest Lite available for free to increase the quality of user experiences across the globe.”

The new release of TouchTest enhances SOASTA’s leadership role, as recently confirmed by Gartner, in mobile test automation with the company’s integration with HP Quality Center and IBM.

The new integration allows testers using HP Quality Center to run TouchTest mobile automation as part of their established enterprise test management process. Additionally, SOASTA now integrates with IBM’s Anthill Pro and Altassian’s Bamboo, and expands on existing Jenkins plugins to include 100% hands-free mobile device testing to these leading commercial and open source Continuous Integration approaches.  With this release, SOASTA also announces new channel partnerships with leading providers of enterprise mobility solutions, including Cognizant, InfoStretch, ProtoTest, Sky I.T. Group, and Solstice Mobile.

Unlike traditional testing solutions that rely on manual testing, device emulators or fragile external object recognition, TouchTest utilizes SOASTA’s in-app approach to mobile app test automation that captures and plays back all actions and gestures with correct motion and velocity on real devices. TouchTest fills an important gap in the testing market as evidenced by the SOASTA’s July 2013 survey of 1,309 information technology specialists and mobile app developers.  This global survey found that that the cost and lack of time keep them from testing.  36% felt there were no good free options available to them. SOASTA recognizes that assuring a positive user experience remains an integral challenge for most development teams and continues to innovate to make testing faster, easier and more automated.

New features in the release of TouchTest Lite include:
* New capabilities for test application and asset management improve collaboration and access to diverse teams
* Mobile device management enables control and access by specific activities and user roles across the entire SOASTA platform
* Reusable test components and unique identifiers, or locaters, are stored for every user interface element to use later for resilient, maintainable test cases
* Enhanced validation setting interface makes choosing and setting validations, the most critical parts of functional testing, even faster

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