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Product News : Oracle Application Testing Suite Speeds Testing with Keyword-Driven Testing
on 2013/9/11 8:16:49 (555 reads)
Product News

For the first time, Oracle Application Testing Suite will include its own keyword-driven testing framework, Oracle Flow Builder. This new and powerful framework, populated with a rich library of prebuilt components and scripts for Oracle E-Business Suite, will help reduce testing time by up to 60 percent over traditional record/replay scripting methods. "By shipping this testing framework with more than 2,000 prebuilt testing components, plus 200 scripts, we are helping to revolutionize Oracle E-Business Suite testing," says Mikael Fries, principal product manager, Oracle Enterprise Manager.

The launch of Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.3 comes as testing processes grow ever more complex, because of both increasingly heterogeneous technology stacks and the increased velocity of change. This complexity can result in organizations either choosing not to make valuable updates, or taking the risk of going live without sufficient testing.

Oracle Flow Builder

Oracle Functional Testing Suite for Oracle Applications includes a powerful keyword-driven testing framework, known as Oracle Flow Builder, that enables nontechnical and power users to build test flows without having to record them through Oracle’s OpenScript scripting platform.

Instead, users can work with an easy-to-use browser-based user interface to build components and transaction flows. It supports reuse of components and it makes it easy to modify components for customized applications. Oacle Flow Builder also allows testers to create test automation scripts without having access to the application. This means that script creation can be done parallel to the application customization in order to reduce time to market and allow the organization to become more agile.

"When you combine the power of Oracle Flow Builder with 2,000 prebuilt testing components and 200 scripts, you can test more frequently at lower cost, ensuring greater success in deployments and other changes to Oracle E-Business Suite applications," says Fries.

About Oracle Functional Testing Suite for Oracle Applications

Oracle Functional Testing Suite for Oracle Applications automates functional and regression testing as well as the creation of load and performance testing scripts. Leveraging Oracle’s OpenScript integrated scripting platform, it enables users to create automated test scripts that simulate complex business transactions and reduce the need for time-consuming manual testing. 

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