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Product News : MemSQL Introduces Real-Time Big Data Analytics Platform
on 2013/9/18 7:42:19 (816 reads)
Product News

MemSQL has announced that its distributed in-memory database is the industry's first to provide JSON analytics, which delivers a consolidated view across structured and semi-structured data, including standard enterprise and social media data. For the first time, organizations can harness and combine two disparate data sources for operational analytics, network security, real-time recommendations, and risk management.

Java Script Object Notation (JSON) has become a popular syntax for storing and exchanging semi-structured data from social-media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Yet this information has been largely untapped in conjunction with structured data, leaving companies with an incomplete view into their entire customer bases. Existing NoSQL databases offer support for JSON and the querying and parsing of JSON structures, but do very little in the way of real-time analytics. Complicating matters is the fact that SQL has no native support for JSON, which makes it difficult to query data across these popular data types. This lack of integration significantly limits an organization's ability to maximize the power of real-time, Big Data analytics.

"Based on our 2012 end-user research, speed of response and utilization of multi-structured data types such as JSON are important in the world of Big Data," said John Myers, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates -- a Boulder, Colo.-based analysis firm. "MemSQL adding true SQL-based access to JSON promises to bring analytical response to multi-structured datasets in a way that will be difficult to match."

Enterprises such as Zynga, Morgan Stanley, and Shutterstock are using MemSQL in production environments, which are capable of supporting thousands of nodes and hundreds of terabytes of data.

"MemSQL is the most powerful real-time processing engine we've evaluated," said Chris Fischer, vice president of technology operations, Shutterstock. "At Shutterstock, we have a unique operational challenge due to the scale of our technology operations. Currently, we're managing thousands of compute nodes and dozens of applications, constantly collecting metrics that need immediate analysis to quickly react to changes in our environment. Previously real-time analysis wasn't possible. MemSQL is changing the way that we can collect, analyze, and interact with our 800,000+ data points."

MemSQL allows organizations to take full advantage of real-time data to make informed decisions, better engage customers, and identify competitive advantages. With the addition of JSON analytics, the company aims to consolidate the database market and eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming middleware solutions.

Features and Benefits

MemSQL uses distributed in-memory technology to accelerate applications, provide real-time analytics, and combine structured and semi-structured data into a consolidated Big Data solution. The latest version with support for the JSON data type also offers a range of features that better enable the world's largest enterprises to benefit from the power of MemSQL's in-memory database. These include:
* Improved index scan performance.
* Online ALTER table.
* Online point-in-time backup store and restore.
* Improved SQL and subquery support for distributed query execution.

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