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Product News : Codenvy Ships Full Android Mobile Cloud Development
on 2013/9/24 7:45:48 (711 reads)
Product News

Codenvy, the “Code Better Instantly” company, today announced General Availability of Android cloud development.  Development in the cloud of a mobile application is a major accomplishment as the solution enables complete code, build, test, and run lifecycle for Android applications.

“Mobile application development has been the most commonly requested capability for developers transitioning to the cloud,” said Stevan LeMeur, product manager at Codenvy.  “Our support for Android enables full lifecycle development without the need to leave the browser or download an application to the device itself.  Now developers can rapidly prototype and advance applications quickly before moving to device testing.”

Codenvy has partnered with Manymo, a provider of Android emulations in the browser, to have a tightly integrated browser experience.  Developers can run their Manymo applications in a secure browser session with full click-through capabilities.

“It’s an amazing thing to author an app in Codenvy, click run, and see it come to life on one of Manymo’s in-browser emulators,” said Dan Grigsby, CEO of Manymo.  “Codenvy zeros the time spent getting a full stack Android development environment setup.  Manymo makes short work of the Android device fragmentation problem.  Together, we remove the two biggest pain points in Android development.”

Availability and Pricing

Android development is currently available within Codenvy.  Developers can build Android applications for free using shared queues and public projects.  Premium accounts can get faster builds with dedicated queues and private projects.  The Manymo browser emulator is configured separately and can be subscribed at

About Manymo

Manymo is the leading provider of cloud accessible Android emulators.  Over 80,000 people and companies use Manymo.  The company has launched hundreds of thousands of in-browser and cloud accessible emulators for development, collaboration, embedding apps in websites and automation.

About Codenvy

Codenvy is the “Code Better Instantly” company. Our cloud software enables applications to be developed faster and more reliably than desktop tools. Based on an extensible cloud IDE platform, our solutions include Codenvy Developer, Codenvy Enterprise, Codenvy ISV, and Codenvy Affiliate. With the largest ecosystem of partners, we are committed to improving efficiency by making cloud IDEs ubiquitous. We have 40 employees with offices in San Francisco, Luxembourg, and the Ukraine. Codenvy has raised $9M financing from Toba Capital, Auriga Ventures, and angels. For more information, please visit us at

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