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Product News : Perfecto Mobile Introduces Load Testing for Mobile Applications in the Cloud
on 2013/10/7 8:56:00 (746 reads)
Product News

Perfecto Mobile, provider of The MobileCloud™ Platform and integrated mobile application quality suite, today announced that MobileCloud Performance is enhanced to include cloud-based load testing. In collaboration with BlazeMeter’s Apache JMeter™ compatible cloud service, MobileCloud Performance enables teams to easily scale load testing to hundreds of thousands of virtual users from anywhere around the globe, and at the same time measure end user experience using real devices. This new, affordable and easy-to-use offering enables teams of all sizes to begin testing on-demand within minutes, without internal infrastructure.

Cloud-based performance testing lowers adoption barriers and streamlines the testing workflow by eliminating required IT coordination for each test cycle, thus simplifying the process and increasing test efficiency. As an on-demand performance testing solution, MobileCloud Performance enables development, QA & performance teams to begin testing projects earlier and more frequently across mobile applications. Optimizing performance using real devices increases confidence when deploying into production. These advanced capabilities support more comprehensive testing, and in turn, more predictable and optimized application performance.
“In today’s rapidly changing mobile environment, development teams are being asked to deliver better software, faster. Having a more efficient workflow is a key enabler in adopting continuous testing,” said Eran Yaniv, CEO, Perfecto Mobile. “A cloud-based approach offers a faster, more cost effective method to execute performance testing.  This new enhancement to MobileCloud Performance complements our range of local, internal, public and private device clouds and expands our integrated testing suite. Testing the performance of applications without extra hardware and software investments allows development teams to get started easily and deliver results immediately. This enhancement, in addition to upcoming releases, allows Perfecto Mobile to serve a wider base for functional and performance testing across all mobile application types and development stages.”
This enhanced offering provides Perfecto Mobile customers a cloud-based Apache JMeter compatible load testing solution, the leading open-source load testing application. Open source development and testing tools are helping teams experiment and determine preferred development approaches, and support existing tools, practices and know how. MobileCloud Performance continues to support customers’ existing load tools and now offers customers:
* Simple self-service platform that allows users to design load tests and scale to production-volume (100,000s) in minutes.
* Affordable cloud-based solution, avoids the hardware, network and software investments required to build out an internal lab.
* Predictable end user experience by testing varying load and network conditions on real devices.

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