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Company News : Scala Company Typesafe Acquires
on 2013/10/17 8:06:30 (605 reads)
Company News

ypesafe, provider of the world's first Reactive platform and the company behind Play Framework, Akka and Scala, today announced the acquisition of to provide deeper support for the Spray toolkit. Spray, which is built on Akka and Scala, is one of the best performing REST/HTTP libraries in the Java ecosystem and is quickly becoming the de facto standard for writing REST services in Scala. Today's announcement enhances Typesafe's current offering and reinforces the company's commitment of providing developers and customers with the most robust platform for building Reactive applications with Java and Scala.

"We are seeing increased demand from developers and customers wanting to layer a simple REST API on top of existing Akka and Scala applications," says Mark Brewer, Typesafe President and CEO. "To meet these requests, we've been working with the Spray team to find a solution. Typesafe is committed to continue providing full support while driving further innovation for Spray. We look forward to it becoming a core part of the Typesafe Reactive Platform."

Play Framework, a crucial component of the Typesafe Reactive Platform, is a full development and runtime environment for building Reactive applications. Spray, by contrast, is designed to be used as an embeddable library. With the announcement, developers and customers will be equipped with the best tools for both use cases: minimalistic, embedded REST services with Spray and a complete development experience with Play Framework.

Typesafe plans to integrate Spray with Akka to deliver a high-performance HTTP runtime for the Typesafe Reactive Platform. Much of Spray's impressive performance is made possible by the new Akka IO library, which was a joint effort between the Typesafe Akka and Spray teams. To extend this performance enhancement to all Java developers, Typesafe plans to add Java APIs to the Spray integration. In addition, the new HTTP runtime will become the basis for Play Framework, covering the whole stack from I/O over HTTP to web development within the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

"Typesafe is the ideal long-term home for Spray. As such we are incredibly excited by the opportunities that this move presents, not only to our existing user-base but for everyone choosing to build on Spray in the future," says Mathias Doenitz, Spray's lead developer. "By further tightening the integration with the Akka platform we will be able to deliver an even more seamless developer and support experience as well as open up new potential for feature additions and performance improvements."

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