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Product News : Integrate and Connect to Manage Cross-Platform Data on Android with ITTIA DB SQL
on 2013/10/31 11:39:09 (507 reads)
Product News

ITTIA, the leader in modern database software for embedded systems and intelligent connected systems, today announced new features with which value added application developers and original equipment manufacturers, using Android, can bring their own data onto Android devices. With this new offering, mobile software developers quickly begin solving data management and distribution challenges on Android.

ITTIA continues to further advance data management for mobile Android platforms. When a job takes an employee out of the office, important business data must follow, and so mobility becomes important. Workers need the flexibility to access their records on any device and collaborate with peers. With ITTIA DB SQL, Android applications store data safely on a device and synchronize with a back-end RDBMS to share that data with other devices and office applications. ITTIA DB SQL makes it easier than ever to share records between Android devices through a central back-end database.

As Android devices continue to evolve, there is more demand for greater and more flexible data management capabilities. A typical organization already has a back-end infrastructure to store critical business data, part of which needs to be accessed on portable Android tablets and handsets. ITTIA Sync technology can easily provision an existing SQL Server or Oracle database to track changes and exchange records with a number of Android devices. Device applications maintain a local copy of the data in an ITTIA DB SQL database, accessed through standard SQL and the Cursor interface. In this way, data is available without a constant connection to the back-end database.

The solution empowers manufacturers of embedded systems and mobile devices to develop software on Android devices that leverages existing data. Devices synchronize with the back-end by connecting to an ITTIA Sync Server installed on a server or workstation. Records are exchanged in both directions; only the changes are sent, to minimize network overhead. While each device may be configured to receive only a subset of the back-end database, any changes to shared records can be relayed to other devices through the back-end server. This lets workers access their data from more than one device, and simplifies collaboration.

Founded in 2000, ITTIA is the leader in database software and services that help application developers of embedded systems and devices to achieve their data management goals.

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