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Product News : TechPines Launches Cloud-based, Automated HTML5 Testing
on 2013/11/4 9:14:58 (570 reads)
Product News

TechPines, an Austin-based web development firm, has announced Automated HTML5 Testing – a new solution for quality assurance woes. This cloud-based QA test service reveals any web application’s big, cross-browser bugs instantly, with the click of a button. The platform was conceived and developed by TechPines Founder and CTO, Brad Carleton, after years of consulting startups in iterative development stages without having a substantial quality assurance process in place.

Using headless browser technologies like Phantom.js and Casper.js, the HTML5 Testing platform is built for speed – tests take only a few seconds to run. These custom tests examine an entire application stack from the perspective of the user. TechPines’ HTML5 Testing automatically takes a screenshot of each feature and function, which are reviewable in easy to read reports. No coding skills are required to order, run, or review reports for HTML5 Testing. Subscribers also enjoy the benefit of automatic screenshot comparisons, latency reporting, unlimited 24/7 cloud-based access and sharing tools.

After researching solutions for his own projects, Carleton realized there was no good and fast way to test exactly what a user sees as they move through an application. “Honestly, most teams pass the testing duties around like a hot potato,” says Brad Carleton. “Developers are just too expensive to have them clicking away on the same buttons, making sure they look and function the same way every day.”

Quality assurance, testing and maintainability are a constant concern for all software development teams – large and small. According to Capers Jones & Associates, the leading research firm for software development metrics, the average application contains 750+ defects upon release, with more than 25% of those defects causing severe production vulnerabilities – broken buttons, distorted images, navigation errors, etc. As the application or system behind it grows in size, the potential for damaging defects will increase. Quality assurance processes are necessary for maintaining integrity as it affects user experience; however, most startups in high growth mode choose to divert investments toward additional development time rather than spend money on QA personnel. For this reason, there is a great need for fast, automated QA solutions to check-in on user experience without breaking the bank.

TechPines has already seen early success with initial clients, and is excited to finally offer the same solution to companies of all sizes. Automated HTML5 Testing is available for all live, in-production web applications. For subscriptions plans and pricing, visit 

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