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Product News : Neotys Announces NeoLoad 4.2 Enterprise Load & Performance Testing
on 2013/11/5 12:26:33 (505 reads)
Product News

Neotys has announced NeoLoad 4.2, an enhanced version of its load and performance testing solution.

What's most compelling about NeoLoad 4.2 is its scope. It addresses a broad range of needs including new web technology support, new monitoring modules, new and enhanced features to support teams and improve productivity, new plug-ins including one for Jenkins CI and cloud testing enhancements. In addition, NeoLoad 4.2 offers new support for WebSocket, Agile development and Continuous Integration, new monitoring modules for Kaazing and MongoDB and intergation with AppDynamics. Enhancements to the NeoLoad Collaboration module mean greater productivity for test teams while a new plug-in eases the handling of any custom data stream over HTTP.

“This latest release looks very interesting,” said application performance expert Alex Podelko. “NeoLoad's new features help teams work together more effectively plus the CI integration coupled with NeoLoad's ease of use will go a long way to make load testing a reality for Agile development shops. It's also nice to see Neotys continuing its trend of supporting the newest application technologies so performance testers can keep up with cutting edge development trends.“

“With this version, Neotys demonstrates its agility in anticipating how software architects, developers and QA professionals will want to leverage load testing solutions,” said Gerald Labie, CEO, Neotys USA.“Today's software teams are relying more on Agile development methodologies while they design sophisticated applications with the latest technologies. They need tools like NeoLoad to help them improve productivity and mitigate risk, while fitting seamlessly into existing software development methodologies and technology environments."

NeoLoad is designed for Web and mobile applications to realistically simulate user activity and analyze server behavior. The solution allows users to test more quickly, efficiently and frequently, enabling faster deployment of Internet, intranet and mobile applications. NeoLoad supports all web architectures including the newest technologies such as SPDY, HTML5, WebSocket, Ajax Push, Flex, Silverlight and GWT. 

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