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Product News : GenieDB Announces Tool to Provision Geo-Distributed MySQL Databases
on 2013/11/12 14:04:36 (452 reads)
Product News

GenieDB, a leading innovator of geo-distributed MySQL-as-a-Service technology, today announced the availability of its simple and easy to use Management Console for automated database administration, including backup processes, tuning and updates. Now companies can experience the benefits of GenieDB's geo-distributed, continuously available MySQL with just a few mouse clicks.

With GenieDB Globally Distributed MySQL-as-a-Service, companies can launch MySQL database clusters that remain continuously available during regional outages, and provide fast application response time anywhere in the world -- features that are not available with out-of-the-box MySQL. Using the GenieDB Management Console, the setup takes only minutes and gives database administrators and developers rich functionality without administrative burdens.

"Our management console makes it easy to take advantage of the benefits of GenieDB's MySQL-as-a-Service," said Cary Breese, CEO, GenieDB. "By simplifying database creation and administration, companies can stay focused on their core businesses, rather than worrying about outages, availability, and application response time."

Within the GenieDB Management Console, administrators can choose cloud providers, server size, and server location, ensuring that applications have uninterrupted availability while also delivering local performance to users anywhere. Adding additional database nodes or upgrading to larger instances can be accomplished with a few clicks, easily increasing capacity of the database to match application demands. In addition, the console has built-in analytics to monitor the performance of database clusters, including CPU utilization and throughput by node.

GenieDB was one of the first companies to deliver a geo-distributed relational database solution, providing continuous availability, auto-recovery and healing, delivered in a self-service platform accessible to companies of any size. "GenieDB delivers an industrial strength, fully distributed database solution that can be launched in minutes, even by individuals who may lack expertise in designing and managing complex, distributed database architecture. The GenieDB Management Console makes the difficulty of building highly available, responsive and fault tolerant database systems a thing of the past," said Breese.

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