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Product News : HP Unified Functional Testing Service Pack 11.53 is Released!
on 2013/12/4 8:31:50 (652 reads)

HP has announced that a new service pack has been released for HP Unified Functional Testing. This service pack is packed with new features, enhancements, bug fixes and support for new technology versions, another demonstration of our increased content delivery velocity since we moved to the iterative delivery practice.

As before, this service pack is accumulative, meaning that you can install this service pack to upgrade to 11.53 directly from UFT 11.50, 11.51, or 11.52.

Here are the ten main new things that this service pack provides:
1) New UFT Look and Feel for BPT- Business Process Testing within UFT now uses the native UFT user interface. This completes UFT’s transition to a one-stop-shop product for seamless functional testing.
2) Import Network Capture Data for Use in your API Test.
3) Continue Running GUI Tests on a Remote Computer after Disconnecting- Increase your automation productivity and test execution robustness by enabling UFT to run on a remote computer (with an RDP connection) even after you disconnect your computer from the RDP. You no longer need to sit and wait until the test is over before unplugging your laptop.
4) Filter Your Help Searches- Speed up your searches and more easily select the topic you need by using search filters to narrow your search instead of searching the thousands of topics included in the UFT Help.
5) Enhanced Integration with Service Virtualization- Using this integration, you can now run GUI tests as well as API tests that use virtualized services. This enables you to test your application using a service that would otherwise be inaccessible for test runs. In addition you are now able to see in the execution report the information on the virtual services that were used in the test.
6) Use the Run Results Deletion Tool Directly from the Run Results Viewer- Save time by deleting test results from tests and components stored on ALM without the need to independently connect the Run Results Deletion tool to ALM.
7) Simplified Configuration for Flex Applications and new Flex object support- are you using Flex? Flex applications are now much easier to test, because you no longer have to compile them specifically for testing. Instead, UFT 11.53 provides the UFT Flex Runtime Loader, which you can use to open most of your Flex applications for testing. We also added new Flex object methods and properties for your convenience.
8) Specify Areas to Ignore in an Insight Test Object Image- Insight_new.jpgYou can now improve your Insight object identification. When using Insight to recognize objects, UFT searches for objects on your screen that match a stored test object image.
9) Add GUI Synchronization Points While Recording- increase your efficiency by being able to add synchronization points while your record a test directly from the Record Toolbar, with the press of a button. This enables you to add a test step that waits for your application to synchronize before proceeding to the next step.
10) Supporting New Versions of Technologies-  partial list includes: Windows 2012, Firefox 22-24, Chrome 27-30, IE10, HTML5 enhancement, .NET Framework 4.5, Citrix 6.5, PeopleSoft 9.53, Flex SDK 4.6.

In addition, this service pack addresses quality and performance issues.

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