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Product News : Neo Technology Releases Neo4j 2.0 Graph Database
on 2014/1/15 9:12:34 (622 reads)
Product News

Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, brings graph databases to the masses with the general availability of Neo4j 2.0 and the launch of its online training program. The new version of Neo4j, along with the world's only free interactive course dedicated to graph databases, brings out the 'inner graphista' in anyone, regardless of technical skill or expertise.

"Neo4j 2.0 is the most substantial piece of engineering ever invested in the graph space, and will catapult graphs to the mainstream. Five years from now we will look back on Neo4j 2.0 and think that's when it began. That was the pivotal point when graphs started becoming a tool on equal footing with SQL and Map/Reduce for data management," said Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology. "Today we are making history with the next generation of Neo4j and our commitment to making graphs accessible to everyone, in every industry."

Industry influencers agree that the graph database market is broadening. According to a new report by 451 Research, 'the graph database and graph analysis sector is beginning to come into its own.'1 While the rise of graph databases is closely linked to the increasing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, graphs are now recognized as playing an important role in solving a lot of seemingly intractable technology problems across a broad range of industries and use cases. Today Neo4j is trusted by graph innovators around the world for a wide variety of projects, in a wide variety of industries, ranging from BangWithFriends.Com to National Geographic.

Neo4j 2.0 brings graph databases to the masses. Representing several years' worth of R&D efforts, the new version makes it possible for anyone to install, learn and harness the power of the graph. What makes this version of Neo4j so special? It represents the biggest advance in the property graph model in 13 years, includes radical improvements to Cypher, Neo4j's purpose-built graph query language, and includes a new visual interactive UI, allowing the language to flow from one's fingertips. 

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