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Company News : Partners With Xamarin
on 2014/2/10 9:24:49 (613 reads)
Company News, the flagship mobile platform from raw engineering that lets developers build enterprise mobile and web apps in record time, today announced its integration with major mobile app development platform Xamarin. The partnership gives developers a complete best-of-breed solution for end-to-end mobile development, while also making available to Xamarin's well-established and rapidly growing developer community.

"Enterprises typically have two choices for mobile development: established but cumbersome legacy platforms, or fast-to-launch but untried players that aren't built for enterprise needs," said raw engineering CEO Neha Sampat. "Our partnership with Xamarin allows enterprises to get the best of both worlds: rapid mobile innovation on a platform that's proven in the enterprise."

Driven by the demands of BYOD and the consumerization of IT, companies and developers are impelled to create beautiful apps more rapidly than ever. Gartner predicts that by 2016, 70 percent of the mobile workforce will have a smartphone, half of which will be purchased by the employee, and 90 percent of enterprises will have two or more platforms to support.

"Mobile democratizes access to information, improves collaboration and enables new ways of working that were not possible before," said David Mario Smith, research director and lead analyst at Aragon Research. "The pace of mobile development will be crucial to capitalize on the use of mobile by employees and business partners." takes care of all the heavy lifting involved with building an app backend from scratch (including servers, cloud infrastructure, database structure, push notifications, and scaling) to dramatically cut mobile development time down from months to weeks. On the client side, Xamarin empowers developers to create fully native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac from a single shared code base.

Developers can now use Xamarin to build native mobile apps that immediately leverage all of's backend services, thereby expediting app development end-to-end without sacrificing quality. In addition, Xamarin developers can access's powerful suite of analytics tools to better understand how and where people are using their applications. There's no need to find a separate analytics partner as provides deep analytics out of the box.

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