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Product News : Couchbase Server 2.5 Enterprise Edition Released
on 2014/2/11 10:24:55 (632 reads)
Product News

Couchbase, the fastest-growing provider of enterprise class NoSQL databases and technologies, has released Couchbase Server 2.5 Enterprise Edition. The release, available today, includes capabilities for enterprise-grade performance, including new features such as Rack Awareness for high availability and cross data center (XDCR) data encryption for secure data center replication.

"Enterprises requiring the highest scalability and availability are consistently choosing Couchbase over traditional databases and other NoSQL vendors," said Rahim Yaseen, SVP of engineering at Couchbase. "With the Rack Awareness and data encryption capabilities included in Couchbase Server 2.5 Enterprise Edition, we continue to establish Couchbase as the clear choice for global enterprises requiring high availability, reliability and security."

High Availability with Rack Awareness


To ensure enterprise-class availability and reliability, master data and replicated data should be stored on different server racks. Couchbase Server 2.5 Enterprise Edition's newly introduced Rack Awareness provides a simple, flexible and effective solution for data replication that is easy to scale and administer. With Couchbase Rack Awareness, the user can create logical groupings of Couchbase Server nodes and replica copies of the data are automatically distributed across server nodes located on different racks. This intelligent data replication ensures that data is secure despite disruptions such as power outages, or switch or rack failure.

Rack Awareness is especially needed for applications running on public clouds, such as Amazon EC2, where customers have no control over infrastructure availability and uptime. With Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition 2.5, customers running applications on a public cloud can leverage Rack Awareness to ensure that replica data is stored on separate zones to maintain 24/7 application uptime.

Secure Cross Data Center Replication

One of the most compelling features delivered in Couchbase Server 2.0 was the addition of Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR). XDCR delivers high performance by storing data closer to a user's physical location, and increases application reliability by operating in multiple data centers.

Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition 2.5 builds on the existing XDCR functionality with advanced, secure data encryption. In the absence of a virtual private network (VPN), data sent between networks is typically sent over a wide area network (WAN). Data moving across a WAN is vulnerable unless it is encrypted. With Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition 2.5, data can be transmitted using SSL encryption between data centers. This new layer of security helps enterprises achieve global scale in a secure manner. 

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