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Product News : QSM Updates SLIM-WebServices Software Project Estimation Tool
on 2014/4/10 6:43:21 (489 reads)
Product News

Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM) has launched SLIM-WebServices 1.2, the newest version of its software project estimation tool. Part of QSM's Software Lifecycle Management (SLIM) Suite, SLIM-WebServices 1.2 allows all project team members, not just estimation specialists, to easily access and manipulate data to ensure the implementation of a successful project -- avoiding cost overruns, schedule slippages and failed implementations.

"With SLIM-WebServices 1.2, we've expanded and improved visibility and transparency, increasing collaboration and allowing companies to make intelligent decisions about how and what IT projects they implement, " explains Larry Putnam, Jr., Co-Chief Executive Officer for QSM. "With the ability for all members of a project team to access IT project estimation tools, businesses have the freedom to easily manipulate data to find their ideal solutions based on budget, staff, time and more."

Introducing a new, streamlined wizard that walks the user through the process of creating a feasibility estimate, SLIM-WebServices 1.2 provides users with immediate feedback about solution viability and risk. Additionally, the SLIM-WebServices 1.2 now includes Round Trip, a capability that allows estimation specialists to download estimates to their desktop for advanced refining in SLIM-Estimate, and then re-upload the new estimate to SLIM-WebServices for the entire team to use.

SLIM-WebServices 1.2 will also include an upgraded template for Agile projects, as well as new project closeout features that allow the user to take actual data from WebServices to create company-specific trend lines that will help users more accurately predict the level of resources required for successful implementations. 

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