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Product News : Loadzen launches a new load testing service for everyone
on 2014/4/28 10:50:12 (533 reads)
Product News

Loadzen, the pay as you go load testing service, has re-launched with a new website and new features. Key to the re-launch was to ensure that the service could provide better value, at lower rates to customers. This was achieved through significant investment into a completely new load generation system and core infrastructure as well as a complete overhaul to the user experience of the site.

The new service offers 50% faster test start times (typically under 60 seconds), and a peak capacity for emulating over 20,000 virtual users. Loadzen now records 3 times more data than before, tracking timing data right down to each page being tested, and making it available to our customers, enabling them to better understand how individual components of their site perform under pressure. Martin Buhr, Founder of stated, "The new site, and the new core infrastructure mean we can provide continuous, rolling updates to our users, while ensuring our proposition is still the best value for money in the market."

The newly launched now offers:
* Timed, ramp-up and custom load tests: now users can choose their own test profiles as their needs demand it and still enjoy some of the cheapest rates in the market
* Complete payload control: Tests can now be designed for any kind of web-based property. By giving users complete control over the requests that are generated it is now possible to test complex API's and web interactions with ease.
* Deeper, more targeted results analysis: the results produced by our tests are now detailed enough to provide metrics down to the target URLs supplied, with various key metrics as well as full chart control
* Scenario-based testing: Loadzen is the only service that lets you package up customer behaviours into independent usage scenarios and test them as part of an overall traffic mix.

The re-launch brings Loadzen's compelling proposition into a new era, with a mobile-enabled interface and fresh, portable reporting while still offering the lowest and most competitive pricing for load testing in the market.

About Loadzen

Loadzen is a cloud-based load testing webapp that will help you battle-harden your website, web service or mobile app back-end against traffic spikes and high load. Building an app, web service or web site is a tough business, once you've gone through the design, testing and build of your app you want to get it to market as quickly as possible. When the customers start rolling in, or that marketing campaign really pays off, you need to be sure that your website can withstand this influx of new users. Loadzen was designed for the small business owner, entrepreneur, start-up, solo-developer or freelancer that is working to a strict budget but wants to make sure the site they are building performs well. Loadzen offers a free tier of 25 virtual users for all tests for life so that you can verify and check everything is in order before committing to a larger, more involved test.

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