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Product News : Kados Scrum Tool v1.7 Released
on 2014/5/6 10:33:16 (574 reads)
Product News

KADOS is open source tool for managing Scrum projects and other Agile projects. It allows teams to manage their projects through multiple dashboards on which they can pin e-postit for User Stories, Tasks, Risks, Problems, Notes, Actions etc…

A new major release has been published on Sourceforge. One year after the 1.6 release that was quite stable, here is the 1.7 release that brings some improvements to KADOS.

You’ll find:
* Some fixing for 1.6 bugs
* 5 languages : French, English, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese
* Security updates
* New features
* Technical updates (such as use of mysqli PHP extension instead of mysql extension in order to be compliant with PHP 5.5 and above)

The new remarkable features are these :
* MD5 password management
* New protection from hacking in connection and in php scripts
* Tags management for User Stories and tasks
* New board for colors management
* Roadmap improvements : sprints filters, deleted or moved US display
* Post-it resizing
* Post-it display order is kept when using compact or extended display buttons
* Filters on features and tasks leaders
* 3 new languages and quick language switching
* Quick task allocation function
* Shortcuts for accessing directly a project, release or sprint just after connection

You can download the release here :

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