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Product News : QF-Test version 4.0.0 released
on 2014/8/26 1:36:11 (478 reads)
Product News

 It is finished: QF-Test 4.0 is a major step forward - not just with its support of new technologies like JavaFX, the Swing replacement, and extending web testing by Chrome, but with many great enhancements that make automated testing more robust and more enjoyable. After more than a year of development, including a half-year beta period, QF-Test 4.0.0 is as stable as any dot-zero release can be.


The following major new features have been implemented for QF-Test version 4:


* New GUI engine: JavaFX

* Support for Chrome browser on Windows

* Improved support for Java WebStart and applets

* Support for the AJAX framework jQuery UI

* Uniform generic classes for components of all GUI engines

* Multi-level sub-item concept with QPath, similar to XPath

* Support for embedded browsers

* Improved user interface with colored syntax highlighting

* New package for client-side ssh connections


Despite our extensive experience in automated testing and Java of more than a dozen years, the development of the JavaFX engine proved very complex because of the many, small and nested components. However, thanks to the QF-Test specific concept of mapping on 'generic classes' we could achieve a drastic reduction of this complexity. Currently we expand this concept to Swing and Eclipse/SWT, which will be particularly helpful for supporting the migration from Swing to JavaFX through automated testing.


QF-Test version 4.0.0 is now available for download.

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