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Product News : LoadStorm LITE Makes Load Testing Simple
on 2014/8/28 8:29:29 (733 reads)
Product News

CustomerCentrix releasedLoadStorm LITE, a new cloud-based load testing tool that provides users with an easy, cost-effective solution to load testing. The LoadStorm tool allows users to simulate traffic hitting their website or web application while measuring how the application handles the heavy load.

As a cloud-based load testing solution, LoadStorm allows users to set up tests in the web application and run them from the cloud with no hardware to purchase and no software to install. By utilizing the power of cloud servers, web developers can run loads tests of up to 1,000,000 virtual users at a fraction of the cost of traditional testing solutions. In fact, LoadStorm LITE offers the lowest cost subscription plan for load testing tools on the market.

CEO Roger Campbell states: “At LoadStorm, we believe that iterative load testing throughout the development process is critical to success for all web applications. We hope that by offering an easy to use, low cost tool, iterative load testing becomes a standard part of all web development, not just for the enterprise-class companies.”

In addition to offering the lowest cost tool on the market, LoadStorm has designed LITE to be very easy to use and intuitive for all users, so web developers can run tests against their applications without having to hire a specialized performance engineer. There is no scripting language to learn and users build scenarios by simply adding steps such as opening a page, clicking a link, or submitting a form.

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