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Product News : eXtremeDB Version 6.0 Released
on 2014/10/28 9:53:33 (609 reads)
Product News

McObject announced it has released eXtremeDB Financial Edition version 6.0, a major upgrade of its database system for capital markets applications such as algorithmic trading and risk management. Improvements include access to eXtremeDB Financial Edition's most powerful capabilities from the widely-used SQL and Python languages, unleashing productivity by simplifying development and, as a result, reducing costs and slashing time-to-deployment. Version 6.0 also tackles the challenge of Big Data in financial systems with new features including distributed query processing and specialized market data compression, to streamline handling of real-time and historical databases that today grow beyond one trillion records.

"In STAC-M3 benchmarks and other tests, eXtremeDB Financial Edition has shown it can deliver the lowest latency in processing market data. Version 6.0 builds on this core strength, with some improvements accelerating performance, others increasing cost-effectiveness, and several new features doing both. Major companies in capital markets are already leveraging the improvements in eXtremeDB Financial Edition 6.0. McObject looks forward to helping additional customers tackle their toughest financial computing challenges as the upgrade goes into general release," said Steve Graves, McObject co-founder and CEO.

A defining feature of eXtremeDB Financial Edition is its library of vector-based statistical functions, which are pipelined in CPU cache to minimize latency when analyzing market data. In version 6.0, the product introduces the ability to use its vector-based functions from within SQL, a database language that is nearly universal in enterprise computing. This vastly increases the pool of developers whose existing skills permit quick adoption of McObject's database system.

SQL can be used in applications written in languages including C/C++, Python, Java and C# (.NET) and also on its own, via a command-line interface. Its high level of productivity for creating code that interacts with database systems enables faster development in a field where timing can be a key competitive advantage. McObject's video gives a practical example of using vector-based functions from within SQL.

eXtremeDB Financial Edition 6.0 also adds support for Python, a high-level language favored in capital markets because of its fast time-to-deployment, particularly for tasks such as rapid prototyping. Using Python alongside eXtremeDB Financial Edition's dynamic database definition language (DDL) capability, developers can implement their ideas quickly, and optimize rapidly by testing changes to code, database tables and indexes.

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