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Company News : HP Mobile Center Prepares Apps For Prime Time
on 2014/10/30 10:12:25 (1042 reads)

HP has announced HP Mobile Center, a new on-premise software solution for testing mobile application functionality and performance across real-world network conditions on real-devices. The solution is designed to allow customers to deliver high-quality mobile applications and ensure a consistent, positive user experience under any circumstance.

Mobile applications are increasingly becoming the “front door” for a company’s brand, with consumers forming their first impression of an organization based on their experience with the application. At the same time, the consumer technology and telecommunications industries are constantly updating new operating systems, networks, and devices. In this new era, mobile app developers require solutions that can rapidly adapt and test new environments, and that connect to their overall application lifecycle management strategies.  

HP Mobile Center is designed precisely with these new realities in mind, giving developers and test teams the ability to launch amazing apps with confidence and speed. The solution provides instant feedback to a DevOps lifecycle team, helping them understand how an app will perform across any device or OS. The solution allows organizations to:
* Support simulated and real-world testing to best understand usability, design and defects across any device, OS or network.
* Understand when transactional services are working securely and properly.
* Measure and simulate the impact of load using a combination of real devices and virtual users, for realistic assessment.
* Gain insight into how end customers are using the application to get actionable data to improve development.
* Determine response times, speed and quality of an application across real world devices.
* Accurately capture and share critical defect information of a device.
* Integrate mobile testing into existing application life cycle management (ALM) infrastructures.

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