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Product News : Solano Labs Releases Solano Private CI
on 2014/11/6 10:10:00 (580 reads)
Product News

Solano Labs, a provider of continuous integration and deployment solutions, has announced the general availability of Solano Private CI, a virtual appliance version of its Solano CI software-as-a-service continuous integration platform. With the introduction of Solano Private CI, software developers now have a choice in implementing the company’s continuous integration and deployment products either as a virtual appliance or as a SaaS solution. Solano Labs’ solutions allow test suites to execute more efficiently, with little to no maintenance from users, so that they can focus on innovating and building code instead of waiting on feedback and test results.

As developers design software builds requiring longer testing, there is an increased need for continuous integration solutions that can optimize test executions. Many current solutions require continuous maintenance — sometimes an entire team of developers — resulting in wasted time on updates, bugs, security patches, etc. With Solano Labs, developers do not need to lose focus on their projects at hand.

“Formerly known as TDDium, Solano CI’s patented auto-parallelization of test execution requires less input and maintenance from developers, improving build times and allowing for faster cycles of innovation,” said William Josephson, president at Solano Labs. “In this environment where developer capital is at a premium, low-to-no maintenance becomes a major competitive advantage.”

Solano CI provides superior benefits such as:
* Parallel performance: safe parallel execution and dynamic task distribution finish builds up to 80x faster, automatically;
* Painless, revision-controlled setup: fast self-service setup for new projects and branches, compact YAML configuration file that lives in the code repository;
* Compatible with most developer environments: seamlessly supports popular languages such as Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Scala, PHP and Go; works with Mercurial, Git and Perforce via Git Fusion.

“We have looked into and implemented a number of CI solutions, but found that Solano CI is the best on the market for managing our CI infrastructure,” said Bjorn Freeman-Benson, senior vice president of engineering at New Relic. “It saves us on hardware and people, plus it just works. With Solano Labs, we have reduced our test times from hours to minutes.” 

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