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Product News : BlazeMeter Unveils Version 3.0 Unlimited Testing Platform
on 2014/11/10 10:28:39 (885 reads)
Product News

BlazeMeter, the leading load and performance testing as a self-service platform for mobile, web and APIs, today announced BlazeMeter version 3.0 at AWS re:Invent. The next-generation back-end automated testing framework facilitates continuous testing as part of the product delivery cycle. This allows users to run an unlimited number of tests with “zero time to test”, resulting in faster release time without compromising the software quality.

BlazeMeter version 3.0 delivers several key features to BlazeMeter users, including generating load using real browsers by utilizing Selenium web driver technology. Customers can now reuse existing Selenium scripts or record a new Selenium script using the open source Selenium builder and then run a load based on the recorded script.

BlazeMeter also added multi-cloud vendors HP, Google, Joyent and Rackspace to the existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) locations. New cloud platforms will be added on an ongoing basis to provide better flexibility in selecting the load origin. Users can also run tests using the multi-cloud feature to load test their CDN. A brand-new API driven architecture enables complete functionality through a simple REST API allowing users to fully automate testing through the continuous delivery process. The new User Interface (UI) facilitates fast and effortless performance testing so that users can easily access and enjoy the vast array of version 3.0’s new features and functionalities.
With its Multi-Instance tests, BlazeMeter 3.0 significantly expedites the user’s ability to seamlessly build a collection of tests from disparate testing tools and orchestrate them to run together on every build and release. This allows users to run an unlimited number of tests in parallel -- tests generated by various open source tools -- by reducing the efforts associated in running regression, post-build and pre-production tests.

“BlazeMeter 3.0 provides noteworthy advantages to our customers and existing users, enabling them to get closer to their continuous integration and delivery process,” said Alon Girmonsky, Founder and CEO of BlazeMeter.  “The new features and functionality, in particular the REST API and Multi-Instance tests, allow users to run an unlimited number of tests from various open source tools with ‘zero time to test’, resulting in a significantly reduced time-to-release and better software quality.”

Another key functionality in version 3.0 is the new Mobile Dashboard that is available on iPhone and Android native apps. The Mobile Dashboard is also available today on the Play and Apple stores. To support mobile productivity, the Mobile Dashboard enables users to constantly stay in control by launching tests, viewing reports and ending test runs while ‘on the go’ from their mobile devices.

In summary, users can now run an unlimited number of tests created by a variety of open source tools to run in parallel in a fully automated fashion. In addition, the reporting data can be consumed in real-time using the same API to determine the fate of the build.

All new BlazeMeter users are automatically given access to version 3.0, while all existing BlazeMeter users can ‘opt-in’ to start using the new version immediately.


About BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter is the leading agile performance testing as a service platform provider. The company's products enable engineers to run load tests on any mobile app, website, or API, simulating more than one million concurrent users on a developer-friendly self-service platform from any of the public clouds and from inside the corporate firewall. BlazeMeter’s agile platform is compatible with open source tools such as Apache JMeter and Selenium. The innovative platform significantly simplifies performance testing by providing developers easy integration with their native development environment, unlimited on-demand performance testing capacity, sophisticated results analysis and distributed testing across multiple geographic locations. More than 50,000 users, many from leading Fortune 2,000 companies such as Adobe, Cubic Corporation, DirecTV, Disney, Pfizer, Thomson Reuters and Walmart, rely on BlazeMeter for their performance testing needs. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, please visit

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