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Company News : CAST Highlight Provides Automated Code-Level Portfolio Analysis
on 2014/11/13 9:13:14 (638 reads)

Traditional IT planning and budgeting is a difficult process often fueled by subjective input and bias. The lack of visibility into the true complexity of existing applications and systems prevents organizations from transforming IT planning and budgeting into an objective, data-driven initiative. Based on the well-known cost estimation engine COCOMO II, CAST Highlight's new Software Maintenance Estimation helps IT organizations better allocate resources, control costs, and shift investment to innovation.

"Our application portfolio analysis SaaS platform CAST Highlight is the fastest way for IT leadership to get a broad measure of software risk for every custom business application across their portfolio," says Lev Lesokhin, Executive Vice President at CAST. "This new release arms CIOs with increased visibility so they can make resource allocation decisions based off of empirical software measures, and not impulse and bias."

CIOs and VPs of Application Development will be able to see in an instant which applications may be under- or over-staffed, and compare the actual maintenance effort against an industry estimate. Rather than wasting money on software maintenance, which historically comprises up to 75% of application total cost of ownership (TCO), CIOs can efficiently identify which systems are disproportionately draining their maintenance budget, and get better insight into resourcing requirements to improve planning and budgeting.

Generated through an automated code analysis combined with survey data from application owners, CAST Highlight's Software Maintenance Estimation derives from critical information about each application's risk, complexity, size and programming languages as well as each development team's experience, the CMMI level of the organization, the percent of effort spent on maintenance in the last 12 months and other factors. 

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