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Product News : Amazon Web Services Announced CodeDeploy ALM Services
on 2014/11/13 9:28:58 (1037 reads)
Product News

Amazon Web Services has announced AWS CodeDeploy, a fully managed, high-scale deployment service that lets developers quickly and simply automate the process of deploying and updating applications on Amazon EC2. AWS CodeDeploy makes it easier for developers to rapidly release new features, helps avoid downtime during deployment, and handles the complexity of updating applications. The service scales with developers’ infrastructure so they can easily deploy to one Amazon EC2 instance or thousands. AWS CodeDeploy is available today and is offered at no charge – customers pay only for the AWS resources needed to run and store their applications

AWS CodeDeploy is the first of a new set of services AWS will release to help developers manage their application development lifecycle on the AWS Cloud. In early 2015, AWS will introduce AWS CodePipeline, an automated continuous delivery service to aid smooth deployments, and AWS CodeCommit, a fully managed source control service in the cloud. To learn more about the new AWS application lifecycle management services, visit

As cloud becomes the new default platform for deploying applications, customers are increasingly finding their existing tools and processes for building, testing, and deploying code are ill-suited to the scale and speed of development in the cloud. When deployment happens frequently, and code must be pushed to hundreds or thousands of instances in a live environment, relying on custom scripts and manual workflows can result in significant delays and application downtime. AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeCommit are built for the cloud, making it easier for developers to simplify the process of building, testing, and deploying their applications. Developers will no longer need to worry about hosting or maintaining their own source code infrastructure, and can now model and automate their software release and deployment processes on the AWS Cloud.

“In the same way AWS was born out of Amazon’s internal expertise managing large-scale infrastructure, AWS CodeDeploy was born out of the experiences of Amazon’s own developers, who saw the need for deployment tools that would let them deliver new functionality quickly, reliably, and at high scale so that they could maximize their time spent innovating,” said Scott Wiltamuth, Vice President, Developer Productivity and Tools, Amazon Web Services. “In the last year, Amazon developers have used the technology behind AWS CodeDeploy to push an average of 95 deployments a minute. We are excited to bring this capability to customers. And, we plan to help customers save even more time by providing future developer services for source code management and continuous delivery.”

AWS CodeDeploy can perform rolling updates to keep applications available while they are being updated. It integrates with AWS Auto Scaling to keep a developer’s Amazon EC2 instances up-to-date in dynamically changing infrastructure. With deployment health checks and the ability to roll back a deployment, AWS CodeDeploy makes it easier than ever to deploy applications to Amazon EC2. AWS CodeDeploy can also easily work with a developer’s existing software delivery tool chain by using the AWS CodeDeploy APIs. Leading developer tools like GitHub, CircleCI, Atlassian, Codeship, Solano CI, Travis CI, and CloudBees are providing integrations with AWS CodeDeploy that make it simple to automatically deploy developers’ latest application builds to their Amazon EC2 instances. provides continuous security monitoring and remediation guidance using cloud infrastructure through its Evident Security Platform (ESP). “We continuously deliver software and security updates to Evident Security Platform in order to protect our customers’ critical services,” said John Martinez, Principal Solutions Architect, “AWS CodeDeploy reduced our overall time to deliver these updates by adding a powerful automated deployment process to our DevOps toolchain. It was easy to configure AWS CodeDeploy to meet our high standard for deployment speed and reliability. We can now quickly push critical security updates for our platform to our entire Amazon EC2 fleet, or do a more cautious rolling update – all using AWS CodeDeploy. In the world of cloud security, the fastest responder wins and AWS CodeDeploy has given us a big edge.” 

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