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Product News : TenKod Announces Out-of-the-Box Continuous Integration Solution For Mobile Application Testing
on 2014/11/25 12:25:41 (687 reads)
Product News

Featuring unique technology, TenKod EZ TestApp is the ultimate solution for seamless Android and iOS applications testing in Continuous Integration processes.

Featuring ingenious technology, EZ TestApp offers clients a cost effective yet efficient solution within the world of mobile applications testing. Unlike other available solutions that rely heavily on plugins and custom solutions, EZ TestApp takes a technological leap forward and does without them. Furthermore, generated test projects boast compatibility with all leading Continuous Integration (CI) systems such as Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo and JetBrains TeamCity and do not require device jail breaking, rooting and application instrumentation. EZ TestApp unique approach helps development organizations shift mobile application production from a post, late phase, to the early stages of the development process.

In a statement made by CEO Asaf Saar, “What makes TenKod EZ TestApp so special is the fact that it offers out-of-the-box mobile application testing solution for continuous integration that is highly advanced, extremely powerful and yet very simple to use.” Saar goes on to say that, “EZ TestApp allows mobile developers and testers to develop applications that can be tested on multiple devices and platforms according to each application’s unique requirements and configurations, all without the need for plugins and other application redundancies.”

According to Saar, there are multiple advantages of EZ TestApp, the first of which is the simple yet effective implementation of end-to-end mobile testing lifecycle (TLC). This means that EZ TestApp covers every phase of the operation, making it the perfect application testing program. Additionally, its Rapid Development Solution (RDS) offers users the seamless integration of development, implementation and execution using one simple solution. Another major advantage of EZ TestApp is the fact that it covers all iOS and Android mobile devices so there is no need for any form of code changing.

Saar is also pleased to announce that EZ TestApp provides the unique conveniences associated with Open Source and Proprietary Supported Platform, meaning that it is fully integrated with existing development and testing landscapes. Furthermore, its Mobile Continuous Integration feature offers out-of-the-box integration with all common CI systems, allowing for the immediate development and testing within the build-and-test pipeline. The final advantage of EZ TestApp is that zero application instrumentation is required and all testing is done against the real thing and not against an instrumented and altered version.

Regardless of the mobile device’s operating system or development environment, EZ TestApp allows users to decrease the overall cost, time spent, and difficulties faced within any development phase. By shrinking the entire process of mobile development testing, EZ TestApp delivers on its promise to offer users high-quality results at a fraction of the cost of conventional programs currently available on the market.    

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