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Company News : Quotium and VersionOne Announce a Partnership
on 2014/12/22 9:34:52 (741 reads)
Company News

Quotium, an innovator in Agile software security, and VersionOne have announced a partnership to enable secure software development as part of VersionOne’s unified development management platform. During the first six months of 2014, major incidents have been reported around the world leading to the theft of more than 502 million data records. Web applications are handling a growing number of customer information and business transactions, thus becoming the main target for hackers.

Companies are moving to agile development methods, continuous integration and process automation to keep up with growing user demand. Agile development provides higher efficiency with reduced development costs. However, security needs to happen as fast as development itself.

Quotium helps organizations automate security testing as part of their SDLC to secure their applications at every build and release. Quotium’s approach identifies – automatically and without human intervention – security vulnerabilities in application code. Quick testing speed and relevance of results, allows development teams to focus on vulnerabilities that represent a real threat to the company while maintaining development velocity.

In an agile environment, it is important to be able to manage the different aspects of the project across the enterprise. VersionOne is an all-in-one agile lifecycle management platform that simplifies enterprise-scale software planning and tracking. By improving visibility and collaboration between the portfolio, program and team levels of organizations, VersionOne helps its customers succeed with agile and improve software delivery.

Quotium Seeker is now integrated with the VersionOne platform to integrate security testing into the ongoing development and testing cycles. With Seeker and VersionOne, all stakeholders can now work together towards the common goal of Hacker-proof software. The process of security integration is streamlined with the minimum of friction and cost.
“In agile development, code security must be part of the ongoing agile development and testing process. The only way to achieve this is to integrate security testing into existing processes and tools, bringing security closer to R&D and making it automated and simple.” Says Irene Abezgauz, VP Product Management at Quotium.

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