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Product News : BigLever Software Introduces Integrated Product Line Engineering and Product Lifecycle Management Solution
on 2015/1/27 14:14:38 (637 reads)
Product News

BigLever Software has announced today that the company has partnered with Aras to deliver the industry's first integrated PLE and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, the Aras Innovator/BigLever Gears Bridge. The integration of PLE and PLM is a significant step forward in enabling companies to reduce complexity, break down organizational and operational silos, and achieve new levels of efficiency, interoperability and alignment across all aspects of planning, designing, implementing, delivering, maintaining, and evolving a product line.

While PLM focuses on the engineering and management of mechanically-intensive systems, as well as key business operations such as ERP, manufacturing, sales and beyond, PLE provides capabilities for managing product family variation across the engineering and operations lifecycle for an entire product line portfolio.

Advances in today's manufactured products are exhibiting exponential complexity growth -- increasingly sophisticated software and electronics must seamlessly interoperate with an increasingly innovative array of mechanical parts. Companies must provide ever-greater product line diversity through more variability in the product features they offer, while achieving economy of scale through the efficient sharing and reuse of hardware and software assets. And, this variability must now be managed across the entire cradle-to-grave lifecycle of the products. This full-lifecycle reality demands a new way of managing product variability across organizational functions, technologies, tools, artifacts, methods, and processes. Product line engineering has emerged to fill that role. PLE provides a "common language" for precisely expressing, engineering, and managing product diversity across the enterprise: features. While features manifest themselves in different ways in each part of the organization -- they provide a widely understood language against which a product line can be effectively managed across the entire lifecycle.

About the Integration of PLE and PLM

Simplification of existing PLM approaches comes from an inverted way of thinking, made possible with the feature-based integration of PLM and PLE: Rather than use a Bill-of-Materials to determine features, companies can use a Bill-of-Features to determine materials, where "materials" in this context means mechanical, electrical, wiring, software, calibrations, requirements, designs, test cases, documentation and much more.

Additionally, PLE provides a "single source of feature truth" -- a holistic view into the feature variations for a product family -- which eliminates the need for multiple feature management mechanisms for multiple tools, facilitates better interoperability across software and mechanical teams, and improves cross-functional alignment between engineering and business operations. The Aras Innovator/BigLever Gears Bridge brings PLE and PLM technologies together to allow companies to leverage this "single source of feature truth" for all software, electronic, mechanical, and operations artifacts. This enables companies to apply a unified featured-based approach and mechanism for sharing, assembling and configuring engineering and operations assets from across the lifecycle to dramatically streamline the production of an entire product line. 

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