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Product News : BlazeMeter Introduces Continuous-Testing-as-a-Service to Marketplace
on 2015/2/3 12:55:51 (574 reads)
Product News

BlazeMeter has launched a continuous testing as a service platform, thereby expanding the company’s portfolio options to meet the full spectrum of performance to mobile testing demands. The new platform, using cloud and open source tools, reduces the barriers to easily create and run tests and integrate testing into the existing development environment. By facilitating continuous testing throughout the continuous delivery process, the platform enables enterprises to ensure a fast and error free user experience that provides shorter release cycles without compromising software quality.

As software increases in complexity, the number of required tests grows exponentially.  While software development and deployment environments have advanced rapidly, testing is often still executed by people in different departments using different tools. To-date, testing has been a complex and resource intensive process with a workflow that is time consuming and extremely hard to maintain. The current process results in inadequate testing, poor software quality and an increased time to release, often compounded by human error.

“This ongoing shift in the industry is forcing developers to adopt agile continuous deployment and integration methodologies and move from perpetual to subscription-based solutions to keep up with the pace of the development cycles,” said Alon Girmonsky, BlazeMeter Founder and CEO. “Our open source and cloud based testing platform helps developers facilitate continuous testing as part of the product delivery cycle.”

BlazeMeter has broken through the barrier with its fully automated continuous testing that can now support dozens of engineering teams committing code, integrating and deploying continuously without compromising software quality.  Now, testing can be done in a matter of hours, not days, eliminating friction and human error, and allowing teams to immediately identify and address any problems.

Continuous testing as a service using BlazeMeter’s testing platform, as well as industry standard tools and services such as Sauce Labs, Jenkins, GitHub and New Relic, employ the steps outlined below. Together with Sauce Labs, the two companies provide a complete continuous testing as a service solution for the entire testing lifecycle based on open source software and cloud based services.

“Automated testing is now a critical part of continuous delivery pipelines that are expected to run through complete test suites many times a day, with little tolerance for manual intervention, false failures, or reliability issues related to the test infrastructure," said Steven Hazel, Sauce Labs' Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “Combining functional testing from Sauce Labs and performance testing from BlazeMeter gives software teams a modern testing platform capable of meeting the demands of continuous delivery."

Testing starts by the developer using BlazeMeter and/or Sauce Labs to develop a comprehensive set of performance and functional tests that completely validate the quality of the developed module. This set of tests will be used in later stages to continue the validation of the module in the continuous delivery process.

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