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Product News : MongoDB Announced MongoDB 3.0
on 2015/2/5 12:47:49 (552 reads)
Product News

MongoDB has announced MongoDB 3.0 and MongoDB Ops Manager, the most significant release to date of the world's fastest growing database. The release dramatically expands the set of mission-critical applications that are best suited for MongoDB by introducing a new and highly flexible storage architecture, incorporating the WiredTiger technology acquired last year. Performance and scalability enhancements included in this release now place MongoDB at the forefront of the database market, eliminating the need for niche alternatives, and positioning MongoDB as the standard DBMS for modern applications. MongoDB 3.0 will be generally available in early March.

With MongoDB 3.0 and Ops Manager, organizations can leverage the essential capabilities they have come to expect with relational databases -- mature management tools, a powerful query language, comprehensive indexes, and a strong consistency model -- while capitalizing on the innovations of the NoSQL movement including a flexible document data model, horizontal scalability, global always-on architecture, and unprecedented performance. The union of these capabilities dramatically improves time to value for organizations, and opens the door to new classes of applications, such as Internet of Things (IoT), time series data analysis, messaging, and fraud detection.

This release also introduces Ops Manager, a new application for managing MongoDB deployments, which easily integrates with popular operations tools and reduces operational overhead by as much as 95 percent. Based on the popular MongoDB Management Service (MMS), Ops Manager provides an on-premise software solution that enables operations teams and DBAs to deploy, upgrade, monitor and back up their systems with the click of a button and no downtime. Ops Manager automates best practices developed with thousands of customer deployments and is available immediately as part of MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, a finely-tuned package of advanced software, support, and certifications.

Key benefits of this release include:

Expanded Use Cases - The new MongoDB storage engine API allows the database to be optimized for diverse application workloads and hardware architectures, while leveraging a single query language, data model, and operations strategy. As a result, organizations can deliver a wider variety of applications, with lower cost and complexity. MongoDB 3.0 will ship with three storage engines, one optimized for read-intensive applications, a new option optimized for write-intensive applications, and an experimental in-memory storage engine. For maximum flexibility across diverse workloads, storage engines can be mixed in a replica set, and upgrades to a new storage engine are non-disruptive to applications. The pluggable storage engine API opens the door for the MongoDB ecosystem to deliver specialized storage innovations in the future.

Improved Performance and Efficiency - MongoDB 3.0 will deliver 7x-10x greater performance and vertical scalability for write-intensive workloads through concurrency improvements including collection and document-level locking. Native compression significantly reduces storage costs by as much as 80 percent. Replica sets can now grow to 50 members to reduce latency by geographically distributing data near users. Finally, DBAs can deploy capacity significantly faster with parallelized inter-node synchronization.

Single-Click Operations - Ops Manager, a new management application for DBAs and operations teams, will reduce the overhead of diverse MongoDB deployments by as much as 95 percent for many operations. A powerful RESTful API allows Ops Manager to easily be integrated with popular operations tools, such as AppDynamics, NewRelic, Tivoli, and Docker. Tasks such as deploying, scaling, and upgrading MongoDB are reduced to just a few clicks or an API call. Continuous backups with point-in-time recovery and real-time alerting on over 100 system metrics help ensure always-on availability. Ops Manager is available as part of MongoDB Enterprise Advanced.

End to End Auditing for Compliance - The auditing framework introduced in MongoDB 2.6 has been extended to include all system and data operations (DDL & DML) to the database. With these extensions, administrators can now construct and filter audit trails for any operation against MongoDB without third party tools; role-based auditing has been added to enhance its selectivity. Auditing will be available as part of MongoDB Enterprise Advanced.

MongoDB has a thriving global community with more than 9 million downloads of its open-source database, 2,000 customers, 750 partners, 250,000 MongoDB University students, 35,000 MongoDB user group (MUG) members and 30,000 MongoDB Days attendees.

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