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Product News : JFrog Announces New Release of Artifactory
on 2015/2/5 13:19:44 (533 reads)
Product News

JFrog, a provider of technologies and tools that maximize the effectiveness of the software build to release cycle, today announced that it has significantly enhanced its Artifactory Binary Repository Management solution with the introduction of a high-performance search capability.

JFrog’s new Artifactory Query Language (AQL) feature leverages Artifactory’s inherent database structure to allow flexible, precise and lightning fast queries across the entire development environment. AQL is the industry’s first and only search tool to help developers, DevOps, and QA teams locate binaries based on any set of criteria, independent of repository type or packaging format.

“Today’s software development and distribution is a wholly continuous process that demands speed and agility,” said JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim. "JFrog aims to not only inject innovation into the CI world but also to ease the pain software developers and DevOps encounter."

AQL allows exceedingly specific searches. Possible examples could be queries such as: find all Docker images marked as deployed in production, get the latest web application binaries, produced by a certain build branch, retrieve all artifacts that have been downloaded more than 1,000 times but have a newer improved version.

Large enterprises and developers often generate many artifacts in their continuous integration and delivery pipeline. At each stage of the process, everyone who touches the code, from developers to DevOps to QA teams, needs a way to search for these artifacts. JFrog created the new AQL to be a flexible query language that supports unlimited search criteria, allowing any degree of complexity to identify exactly the artifacts that are required. Due to its fundamental database structure, Artifactory is the industry’s only product capable of offering this degree of freedom and flexibility in searching through a system for artifacts. 

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