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Product News : EnterpriseDB Expands Postgres Plus to Support Developer Agility and DBA Control
on 2015/2/12 9:43:06 (794 reads)
Product News

EnterpriseDB (EDB) has announced a new release of its flagship product, Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.4 gives database administrators greater control and expanded options for customization that boost performance and simplify many common tasks. Among the new features in the release are resource management and compatibility for an expanded set of Oracle functions and applications that boost performance and support developers. The release also features JSONB and other advances in the open source community PostgreSQL for supporting applications with unstructured data, eliminating the need for a standalone NoSQL-only solution.

Postgres Plus is now better positioned for building today's high-performance applications than specialized niche solutions, like document databases. Postgres Plus combines the performance and stability of a traditional relational database and ACID compliance with full capacity for supporting unstructured and semi-structured data types with agile data models. EDB was recognized in the October 2014 Gartner Research report, Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems*, and was positioned in the Leaders Quadrant along with Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and SAP.

"Postgres is evolving to manage the changing mission-critical and non-mission critical needs of the entire global enterprise. Support for JSONB is an example of expanding capabilities to handle growing loads of unstructured data," said Marc Linster, Senior Vice President, Products and Services, EnterpriseDB. "EDB has taken Postgres even further, working directly with enterprise customers to add capabilities like resource management for the growing complexity of their Postgres deployments."

Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.4 is part of EDB's Postgres Plus Enterprise Edition subscription, which bundles the database with enterprise-class tools for monitoring, management, performance, replication and high availability. 

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