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Product News : Perforce Launches Helix Collaboration Platform
on 2015/3/3 10:12:30 (720 reads)
Product News

Perforce Software has announced Perforce Helix, a new SCM and content collaboration platform that brings distributed workflows, Git management, advanced threat detection and new deployment options to enterprises building modern software products, Internet of Things devices and digital media.

Modern product development includes a convergence of software development, product engineering, and industrial design. The Helix collaboration platform serves as a single source of truth for all the contributors and assets involved in designing, creating and releasing a product—including source code, CAD files, product specs, multimedia, build scripts, environment artifacts and more.  It is available as both on-premise software and a cloud service.

"Helix's hybrid DVCS approach suits the needs of engineers as well as the enterprise," said Julie Craig, research director, Application Management, at Enterprise Management Associates. "Previously, the workflow tools preferred by developers often lacked crucial support for security, compliance and reliability required by the business. The direction that Perforce is taking delivers both, a win-win for all stakeholders."

Native DVCS Capabilities for Greater Developer Flexibility

Helix is a hybrid version management solution that supports both distributed and centralized version control. It combines the developer advantages of a DVCS workflow with the security, scalability and performance required by the larger enterprise.
* Native DVCS workflow without limits on file or repository sizes
* Push and fetch to synchronize content between independent Helix sites
* Local repositories for a significant increase in speed
* Simple Git-style commands

"DVCS is widely used by individual contributors across various institutions because it lets developers work offline seamlessly," said Anuj Shroff, software engineer at The MathWorks. "These developers will welcome the ability to use a local server and a local code base while executing Perforce versioning commands. Companies using other SCM systems-distributed and centralized-would benefit from switching to Perforce because of its ability to handle large code bases."

Git Management with GitSwarm

Helix supports the pure Git-based workflow many developers prefer, while also making it easy to manage projects. GitSwarm provides a Git experience that synchronizes with the Helix Versioning Engine for enterprise-grade visibility, security and control.
* Advanced repo management capabilities, pull requests, issue tracking, and web hooks
* Completely disconnected native Git workflows
* Security features include project visibility controls, protected branches and permission

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