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Product News : NuoDB Raises Provides Continuous Availability with Larks Release 2.2
on 2015/3/3 10:45:13 (559 reads)
Product News

NuoDB has announced the general availability of NuoDB Larks Release 2.2, featuring new resiliency and disaster recovery capabilities designed to further advance NuoDB’s inherent support for continuous availability. The release also features SQL, usability, performance, and scalability enhancements to support increasingly mature and complex deployments of the product.

As customers and users more frequently insist on always-on applications, organizations need to reconsider their application architecture. Traditional notions of “high availability” seem antiquated in the face of global cloud deployments.

NuoDB’s distributed architecture supports a zero-downtime environment that is transparent to the application and enforced by service level agreements (SLAs). NuoDB Larks Release 2.2 further improves system resiliency by providing greater control over how the database meets continuous availability objectives.

Larks features an advanced database engine restart policy capability. Administrators can now customize how a database automation template enforces the SLA defined by that template, by specifying restart time delays and limits after a host or engine failure. Additionally, new pre-defined alarms added in Larks alert administrators of failure conditions so that additional appropriate action can be taken.

These and other features support the ability of NuoDB to maintain resiliency – or the ability to detect, diagnose, and recover from errors, lowered availability or reduced throughput.

In addition, NuoDB is unveiling a preview of a new Disaster Recovery Server designed to allow organizations to safeguard their data in a secondary data center. Available as an add-on to the NuoDB Enterprise Edition, this Disaster Recovery Server ensures database integrity in the event of planned or unplanned data center outages. 

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